Saturday, November 27, 2021

NY State Leaders Want To Track Your Every Ammo Purchase Via Online Database

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Leave it to a deep blue state like NY to once again tread on our 2nd amendment rights. During a public hearing Thursday held by the New York State Assembly, a proposal was brought up to create an ammunition database, which would track all ammo purchases in the state.

The cause for concern and motivation for the proposal is primarly due to the fact that there have been a total of 279 shooting so far this year outpacing the most shootings in a given year in over a decade. Rochester, NY alone had 63 murders with 45 of the incidences being shootings.

What state legislatures fail to comprehend, however, is that stricter gun laws don’t keep bad guys off the streets. Just like there’s a black market for weapons, there will be a black market for ammo. This is just another back door attack on our second amendment that New Yorkers really need to stand up to.

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