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Vote Out The Evil – Long Island Board of Education Patriot Takeover (OPINION)

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It was hitting 8PM. I was scrambling around looking for a parking space on a particularly dark evening. I was at my school district’s high school, getting set to enter the first ever Board of Education meeting of my life. I was deciding to come to stand in solidarity with my fellow patriot community members who were deciding to take a stand against medical fascism and make their voices heard with their message of pro-freedom to unmask the children. Here on Long Island, New York, these parents were attempting to get Lindenhurst School District’s Board of Education to agree to join on to a lawsuit that two other local school districts that recently launched against New York State. The other districts, Massapequa and Locust Valley, were suing with the hopes of attaining more local control for the district Board of Education to make their own decisions for the student’s in the district.

First though, I should mention that I decided to start my own bold endeavor a few weeks earlier. It seems that in the modern era, as much as I loathe it, all grassroots movements start on Facebook. Since there is seemingly a Facebook group for everything, I said to myself, “why doesn’t someone start a damn Facebook group of local non-politician, frustrated citizens that want to run for office to replace their own district Board of Education who are currently doing the work of Satan?” So sure enough I did the needful and I created a Facebook group with a tagline in the group’s ‘About Me’ section reading: “WE shall overrule all District Superintendents. WE have the numbers. Let’s have a Patriot Takeover of all Long Island BOE’s.” Over the first couple weeks, new members started to trickle in but of course one problem: nobody had quite yet declared that they would be running for office.

So here we were tonight. My time was limited, due to familial commitments, I knew I would only have about 45 minutes to spend there so I would have to catch the final results of the night on my newsfeed which is ultimately what would happen. With that 45 minutes or so that I could be there, I decided I would endure what would sure be an experience to remember. By around 8:05pm or so I had made my way to the front doors of the school. As I was entering, two school security guards opened the door. At the exact same time I was entering, they were also ejecting a young father and his elementary school-aged son. Apparently this father and son duo were not playing nice with the fascists by refusing to comply with the evening’s mask mandate. The father and son were being escorted out the door and as I was entering the two security guards asked, ‘’do you have a mask?”. Reluctantly, I started to take one that was crumpled up in my pocket. The young father had something to say about this. He angrily said to the two guards “making people wear a mask for a f—ing anti-mask meeting…” Then he and his son were gone, off in the night parking lot.

I had just entered the doors to the school and I was on my way to the auditorium where the meeting was taking place but I was already upset with myself for complying. You see, I pride myself on not complying. I could count the times on one hand I had put on a mask in the last six months and those all had to do with being in a situation where I was mandated to wear it to receive a service, such as the day I had to wear a mask in the lobby in preparation for my wisdom tooth extraction. No mask, no extraction. No extraction means a potential abscess infection. Days like that I was cornered into complying. I hated myself for it. What type of patriot am I? For me putting that mask over my face walking into that auditorium was like a dagger in my heart. I decided I could rationalize it but putting the mask low under my nose once I found a seat. I sat in the last possible row so I could have a quick exit once needed and also so I could have more a full view of what was going on. Sure enough, once I was seated, the mask went under the nose. I did this bold act even as I knew there were several security guards standing just a few feet behind me. It is not about the science, it is about obedience and complying. No security guard said a word about my half-mask defiance. I could have accidentally let out the wickedest of sneezes and sprayed out the slimiest web of boogers and lung butter all over the scene but since the mask was covering my mouth, we were all good safety-wise. Here is thing with the logic of the COVID-agenda: there is no logic to it. Just the fact that I had to comply, naked nose showing nevertheless, I was still incensed. A shot or two of Jack Daniels would have helped but that was currently not an option. I was there in the last row and decided also that I would unashamedly do some Facebook Live chronicling with my phone.

The speakers from the community said their statements. The Board of Education gave time to both sides, meaning the medical freedom community vs. the people who either thought the lawsuit would be a waste of money or those who flat out opposed it because they are on the side of the corporate-bought scientism of the evil COVID agenda. A parent from the community named Steven gave a very inspiring 10-plus minute speech on the evils of this agenda and how we need to restore control to the local district. He said at one point, that he was in Florida last week and COVID is barely even a thing but here in NY it was the contrary. A woman standing in the back who was apparently a medical professional rudely screamed at the man from across the auditorium, ‘’stop spreading misinformation!”. The tensions were surely rising. Several more speakers would come and go from the podium, including that same woman who had screamed just a little while earlier. She apologized to the Board for her outburst. By this point I had already heard about 10 or so speakers. The 45 minutes I had allotted myself for this meeting had gone by. I decided to ride out a few more minutes. There were claps and yells after each speaker from both sides. I decided that it was time to exit, and so I did. To my surprise, only a few minutes after I returned home, I read up on the final vote which seemingly happened not too long after I had left. I wished I had stayed to see the final vote which happened to not turn out well anyway. The Board voted 6-3 against the district joining the lawsuit vs. New York State. From cell phone video that was captured right after the meeting, some verbal fireworks started from parents who were understandably seething from the Board’s decision. If only I had stayed about another 10 or 15 minutes I could have witnessed these post-meeting interactions first hand. You live and you learn, stay for the full meeting next time, Bobby.

With that 6-3 decision by the Board, I knew it was a crushing loss but I also knew something else. This would be great for my Facebook group. Now with no lawsuit to turn to, what could parents do next? The obvious answer: replace the Board of Education, one by one, vote them out once their terms are up. My hopes were answered the next day when a pro-medical freedom activist parent named Heather, who had been helping to spearhead this whole resistance movement in the district, informed me that she would be running for Board of Education this spring against one of the sitting Board members who had voted against our cause. Heather was already a part of my Facebook group but she was the first to be brave enough to actually run for Board of Education. Within just a few more days, there was a second who told me their intentions to run, this time Greg from Riverhead district, and then a third, Nicole from Farmingdale district. One you can call a fluke but once we had three that said they were running, well that is a movement, friends. The name of the group is ‘’VOTE OUT THE EVIL – Long Island BOE Patriot Takeover” and we have the chance to make history. I do not want to stop at three, there is no reason that dozens of Long Island patriot parents can’t also run for their local BOE’s, this spring 2022, and beyond. Hell, why stop at Long Island and why stop at Boards of Education? If we can really get this movement rolling, “VOTE OUT THE EVIL” (V.O.T.E., get it?) can be a political powerhouse brand upon itself. Why not a “VOTE OUT THE EVIL – US Congressional Patriot Takeover”?

It all starts though with a few patriots. It is time for the Everyman and Everywoman to rise up and battle evil and this is no doubt a battle vs. evil. More so than the lawsuit, there is no greater way to put control back in the hands of, We The People.

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