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Race-Baiting CNN Claims ‘These GOP Latina Candidates Are Not The Real Deal’

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Race-baiting CNN is at it again, only this time they’re determined to gaslight the entire Hispanic community into thinking these ‘GOP Latina candidates aren’t the real deal.’

According to an opinion piece by CNN contributor Raul Reyes, the GOP is apparently putting forward fake Hispanic candidates for the sole purpose of gaining votes amongst Latino voters. Yes, the Democrats are getting that desperate as they fear the worst heading into the 2022 midterms.

Reyes singled out three Latinas from South Texas, Mayra Flores, Monica De La Cruz, and Cassy Garcia, who are all in congressional races in districts along the Mexican border.

Flores made history as the first Mexican-born woman to be elected to Congress, and the fact that she happened to be a Republican is absolutely killing the Democrats. So what better way to shut the whole thing down than to get a CNN author to write a hit piece on Flores.

Instead of being happy for the Hispanic congresswoman, Reyes suggested the “rise of Flores, De La Cruz, and Garcia has been taken out of context and that their dedication and passion to serve the greatest country on earth is merely a publicity stunt for the right. “While these Latinas may be having a moment in the spotlight, they hold views outside the Latino mainstream. Their current prominence is more of a publicity coup for the GOP than an authentic reflection of Latino voters,” Reyes wrote. “Like most other Republicans, these Latinas hold conservative positions on abortion, gun control, and immigration.”

Reyes then tried to convince his readers that regardless of the Congresswoman’s views, “that’s just not where most Latinos are these days.” He referenced a poll that claims 60% of Hispanic adults say abortion should be legal in all or most cases despite the fact that Latin America is home to some of the few countries in the world with a complete ban on abortion.

The hit piece on Flores was a total disaster, and it didn’t take long for Raul Reyes to bring in Donald Trump to flame the flames and rile his base. “Besides being Trump supporters, what Flores, De La Cruz, and Garcia have in common is extreme views. On social media, Flores promoted January 6 conspiracy theories,” Reyes wrote.

Reyes tried to pin Flores and De La Cruz as Trump extremists by bringing up the fact that “when a New York Times reporter asked four times if President Joe Biden was legitimately elected, Flores only answered that Biden was “the worst president of the United States.”

Sure, De La Cruz may have “amplified Trump’s claims about the 2020 election being stolen,” but what Republicans, besides a handful of washed-up RINOS haven’t? It is not an “extreme view” to want to question the validity of the 2020 Presidential election when it is fact that fraud occurred.

The CNN contributor attempted to end the hit piece by convincing his readers that according to a Gallup poll, there were “few signs so far of significant shift among Hispanic Americans away from their traditional Democratic political identity,” which is a complete and utter lie seeing that Biden’s approval ratings have recently sunk to 24% among Hispanics, “and that Latino support for Democrats remains broad and strong.”

The fact of the matter is, that the Hispanic community is jumping ship at record numbers and are leaving the Democrat party for a more promising future. Flores, De La Cruz, and Garcia are that promising future and are very much the real deal.

Race-baiting CNN, however, is furious that we’re cheering on Hispanic candidates because it shatters their narrative that “we’re racists” and that life beyond AOC exists.

Raul Reyes should be ashamed of himself that he sunk this low, and instead of cheering on the Latina community, which I THOUGHT Democrats were all about, he goes and undermines their accomplishments, and in one single hit piece attempts to reduce their achievements to “trump extremists” because at the end of the day that’s all he, CNN, and the “tolerant left” got.

Nice try Reyes and don’t worry, we’ll be welcoming the Hispanic community with open arms as they continue to flock to the GOP in droves.

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