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WATCH: AZ Gov Candidate Kari Lake SHREDS Liberal Interviewer, ‘You’re On The Side Of The Cartels’

WOW. Trump-backed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake was having none of it during an interview with a reporter from the Arizona Republic. I’m surprised the reporter didn’t quit journalism for good after the ‘Lake Lashing’ she received during what appeared to be a very uncomfortable interview for the reporter.

Lake slammed the reporter and accused her and her publication of only being interested in a far-left conversation which Kari refused to engage in.

LAKE: The only discussion that the Arizona Republic is interested in is a far-left discussion. And Stacy, you’ve been here 10 months you don’t understand Arizona. I’m sorry to say that. I’m out with people every day. I’m out with hundreds of people every day, 1000s of people some days. They’re fed up but what’s happening at our border. I appreciate your time. We gave you one more question, you asked the question. We’ve given you probably what, five or 10 minutes longer? I appreciate your time, but I’m really prepared for another hit piece from the Republic. The good news is our polling is showing that every day you guys write a hit piece on me or every week, and it’s not sticking because the good people of Arizona—who I have a relationship with and I’ve had a relationship with for 27 years—are not buying the garbage that you guys are peddling.

Watch The Interview:

LAKE: The people of Arizona want to secure state. The people of Arizona want to make sure their kids don’t get their hands on drugs. The people of Arizona want to make sure that the cartels no longer have operational control of our border. And we will when I am governor, take back control of our border. We will finish President Trump’s wall, we will send our Arizona National Guard down to the border, and we will arm them. We’re not going to let people over and when we find people we’re going to send them back.

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