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POLL: Republicans Are More Likely To ‘Preserve Democracy’ Than Democrats

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A recent Fox News poll shows that more Americans believe that Republicans are the party most likely to “preserve Democracy” despite frequent claims from Democrats that Republicans are actively in pursuit to destroy Democracy.

The poll asked which party would “do a better job” on “preservation of American Democracy”, 46% of registered voters said Republicans compared to 45% who said, Democrats.

Additionally, 3% of voters said the parties are equal and 6% said they “don’t know.”

According to Fox News, the poll surveyed 1,002 registered voters and the results have a margin of sampling error of 3 percentage points.

For years, Democrats and President Joe Biden – both on the campaign trail and as the President – have constantly attacked Republicans suggesting they are a threat to Democracy.

During a speech earlier this year, slamming Georgia’s election integrity law passed by the Republican legislature and signed by the Republican governor of Georgia, Biden called the legislation a “grave threat to Democracy.” During Biden’s inauguration speech and throughout several speeches thereafter, the President has divided the country using similar rhetoric in an attempt to convince his base that Republicans are out to destroy America. The Fox News poll has since debunked the President’s baseless claims.

Logan Dobson, Republican pollster & political operative, was quick to post on social media that the results of the Fox News poll are “going to cause some heads on Twitter to absolutely explode”, referring to the fact that liberals who constantly bash ‘Trumpers’ for “destroying America” are in for a big surprise.

The one-sided January 6 Hearing Committee which also continues to generalize and stereotype an entire political party over the actions of a small group of rioters responsible for approximately 11 minutes of violence has repeatedly called the riot an “assault” on Democracy that supporters of former President Trump widely support.

The recent Fox News poll clearly shows the American people do not share the same viewpoints as Republican bashing Biden or the January 6 Committee.

Social media reacted to the poll with the majority of comments sharing similar sentiments over the news. “Dems want to get rid of the filibuster, pack the sup court, get rid of the electoral college, limit free speech and second amendment. What else are we supposed to think,??” said one user replying to the Logan Dobson tweet.

But it’s not just ‘preserving democracy’ that Americans have faith in the Republican Party over, the Fox News poll also found that more voters put trust in Republicans to handle both the record inflation and crime surge in the United States.

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