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Twitter Files Dropped On Monday Reveal Impeachable Offense For Biden

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There’s a lot Joe Biden has done to violate his oath to the United States Constitution while serving his term as president, but the latest Twitter files dropped on Monday may actually reveal an offense so blatant that it would be hard to ignore an impeachment over it.

The latest installment of the Twitter Files was dropped on Monday afternoon, this time showing how the federal government pressured the social media platform to censor information that was contradictory to the government narrative on COVID-19.

Telling Twitter what to do is not an impeachable offense, but putting pressure on the company to censor some of the top doctors in the country and potentially putting Americans in grave danger absolutely is.

The new files show that top doctors from the best medical schools in the country were silenced from voicing their views and opinions, a direct violation of the first amendment. During a very critical time in America’s history when the people deserved to hear arguments from both sides, the Biden administration behaved like a dictatorship and shut down all conversations that opposed Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Advisor to the President of The United States.

Andrew Bostom, a Rhode Island physician, was permanently suspended from Twitter after receiving multiple strikes for misinformation. One of his strikes was for a tweet referring to the results from a peer-reviewed study on mRNA vaccines.

In addition to violating his constitutional oath, Biden and the Democrats put the American people directly in harm’s way by moderating, suppressing, or even shutting down all pertinent information that challenged that view, such as showing the harms of vaccines, or that could be perceived as downplaying the risks of Covid, regardless of whether such views were correct or adopted abroad.

Biden’s directive to crush free speech critical of his policies sparked calls for impeachment on social media, a cry that House Republicans will have to listen to and act on if they want voters to start taking them seriously.

Ben Domenech, a contributor at Fox News, was quick to demand that President Biden be impeached over the latest Twitter file drop. “President Joe Biden repeatedly directed his staff to silence Americans on Twitter who disagreed with his policies,” Domenech wrote.

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