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Liberals Blame Deceased Justice Ruth Baden Ginsburg For Roe V. Wade Decision

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The libs never cease to amaze me. Just when you think they can’t say or do anything to out-crazy themselves, they blame a late Justice, who’s been dead for 2 years now, for the actions that SCOTUS took on Friday regarding Roe V. Wade.

Some liberals are blaming Ruth Bader Ginsburg after the court overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade case that federally protected a woman’s right to an abortion on Friday.

The problem with the outrageous accusation, however, is two-fold. One, she’s dead, therefore making it impossible to weigh in on the decision, and two, even Ruth knew Roe V. Wade was unconstitutional.

The blame game has to do with the fact that Ginsburg notoriously decided to not retire during the Obama administration when she could have been replaced with a liberal justice, only to die at the age of 87 in September 2020 during the Trump administration.

She was ultimately replaced by Justice Amy Coney Barrett, a conservative judge who voted in favor of overturning the 50-year-old abortion decision.

But here’s where the Liberal’s logic is flawed, besides the fact that they’re blaming a dead Judge. If Ruth did in fact retire, and Obama replaced her with another liberal justice, the decision to overturn Roe would likely have still passed in a 5-4 vote.

Despite Ginsburg being an advocate for women’s constitutional right to an abortion, she was critical of how Roe v. Wade established that right. It is likely that her predecessor would have supported handing the decision to allow abortion back to the states, therefore garnering the same result.

But none of that matters to liberals who took their outrage to social media and continue to point their fingers at her for Friday’s decision.

“RBG was a hero for many reasons. But the terrible irony is that her decision to stay too long at the party helped lead to the destruction of one of the things she cared about the most,” Hollywood Reporter columnist Scott Feinberg tweeted. “Sadly, this will be a big part of her legacy.

Podcast host Katie Harper sarcastically wrote she was “So glad RBG kept planking instead of retiring from the Supreme Court,” with a photo of the elderly justice doing a plank in a gym.

And freelance journalist Eoin Higgins, also took a moment to thank Ruth for sticking around too long, “Thanks especially to RBG today for making this possible,” tweeted the freelance journalist who also blamed former President Obama “for not recess appointing Garland or whoever to replace Scalia, your inaction and failed presidency helped make this moment a reality.”

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom for the late justice as plenty of conservatives are also praising RBG for overstaying her welcome.

Matt Walsh, a Daily Wire contributor, posted to his Twitter account, “This day brought to you by Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s narcissistic refusal to retire… Thank you, RBG!”

Erick Erickson, radio show host out of Atlanta, Georgia also took a moment to thank Ruth Bader Ginsburg for “holding on as long as you did.”

Regardless, nice try Liberals, you’ve certainly gone above and beyond here to destroy and completely undermine a brilliant woman’s 27-year legacy on the Supreme Court.

I can only imagine RBG is rolling in her grave as we speak over the fact that those who loved her so much while on the Supreme Court are now slamming her for a decision she had absolutely nothing to do with.

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