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‘She Must Think We’re Stupid’, Trump Lawyer Dismantles Letitia James Lawsuit Against Trump

Alina Habba told Greg Kelly, Host Of Greg Kelly Reports, that she is “not worried at all” about the recent civil lawsuit NY Attorney General Letitia James filed against former President Donald Trump and his three children, Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Trump Jr.

“Valuations are incredibly subjective as you know,” Trump’s lawyer told Kelly. AG James is going after Trump for $250 million claiming the Trump organization undervalued several real estate properties in NY.

James, who has had a gross obsession with going after Trump in the past, also said she wants to ban Trump and his children from ever doing business in New York State again. Trump’s lawyer told Greg Kelly that James does not have the authority to make that decision.

“She [James] took the stand today, why because she’s down in the polls,” Habba explained. “It’s a shame because she really mislead the public today. I really believe that. I watched her try and pretend that my client was a fraudster and all of these things, meanwhile, he used accounting firms, he used Cushman and Wakefield, major firms that went and did valuations of companies, and his statement of financial condition was completely discredited by a four-page disclaimer where he said basically this is not an audit, this is not an accounting statement, you got to do your own work and due diligence,” meaning that Trump never intended for the financials he disclosed to his accounting firms to be final and that he made it very clear with a 4-page disclaimer that the likes of Cushman and Wakefield now needed to go and do their own audit to come up with the final numbers.


Greg Kelly then showed several of Trump’s properties being valued much higher than what James’s own valuations suggest. “A property is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. It doesn’t matter what Letitia James thinks. She has no real estate background […] she’ll go after anyone to advance her political career,” the Trump attorney told Newsmax.

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