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SOUR DON LEMON: Demands Republicans Be Treated As ‘Very Dangerous To Society”

Does Don Lemon actually believe half the political crap that comes out of his mouth or is it all for ratings? I honestly don’t know how the CNN host of Don Lemon Tonight keeps a straight face when he says things like “Republicans must be treated as danger to society by media” when we all know his handlers over at the conspiracy news network made him say it in the first place.

Lemon actually claimed he and other journalists ‘are not doing our jobs’ if they don’t give GOP harsher treatment. You’re right Don, CNN demands that your “JOB” consists of regurgitating false narrative headlines.

Appearing on CNN’s New Day Thursday morning, Don Lemon once again urged the media to hold Republicans to a different standard than Democrats in their media coverage.

Lemon continues to link the GOP to the threat of “growing extremism” on the right. He warned journalists to not give a “false equivalence” to both sides, and instead acknowledge Republicans were endangering America.

“We sit around and we talk about these things and we want to give this false equivalence to Democrats and Republicans. That is not where we are right now. Republicans are doing something that is very dangerous to our society and we have to acknowledge that. We have to acknowledge that as Americans, we must acknowledge that as journalists because if we don’t, we are not doing our jobs,” Lemon declared.

Lemon was mostly referring to Republicans who continue to support former President Trump after the January 6, 2021 riot at the Capitol, as well as the recent Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade which is pretty much every Republican on planet earth except Liz Cheney and Crybaby Kinzinger of course.

“They have to answer for those questions if they come here on CNN, they must answer for that. If they go on MSNBC, they must answer for that. If they go on ABC, they must answer for that. And they cannot expect to be coddled when they go on to a news organization or if they step in front of a crowd of supporters or voters or Americans.”

Too bad not everyone agrees with Sour Don Lemon’s challenge to the media to hold Republicans accountable.

Americans have less confidence in the media than they have in decades, according to a recently published Gallup Poll. Only 16% of Americans said they have a “great deal or quite a lot” of confidence in newspapers in 2022, while only 11% said the same about television news.

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