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Tech CEO Wants Woke Employees Out, Offers ‘Triggered’ Employees Severance Pay

Elon Musk isn’t the only big tech CEO firing employees for going woke on corporate culture. Apparently, more tech CEOs are sick of woke employees and want the toxic poison cut out of their company.

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell said Friday on “Fox & Friends” that he decided to offer “triggered” employees an opportunity to leave the crypto trading company with four months of pay.

Powell told host Ainsley Earhardt that he wanted to restore his company’s culture and avoid distractions, adding some employees felt it was better if they “just moved on.” This similar approach has been adopted by Space X and Tesla CEO Elon Musk who recently told his employees to get back to work or get fired.

Now that the Covid-19 pandemic is over, CEOs across the country are demanding that employees get back to pre-pandemic work ethics showing no mercy for the nonsense they were forced to put up with during the Covid scare.

“There was a huge amount of support for this move,” said Kraken CEO Powell, “huge amount of support for the company’s culture and mission and the reinforcement of those. And, I think everyone’s just ready to get back to work and stop being distracted,” adding a small number of employees were “creating distractions for the whole company.”

According to Fox News, Powell went on to clarify that his company had not been polluted with an “anti-woke” culture for an entire decade, and it was not until the crypto boom that staff was hired who did not align with their original mission. He said about 30 employees took the offer of four months severance out of more than 3,000 staff members.


Not only did Powell cut the woke cancer out of its company, but he also published a restored mission statement, so his employees have a clear idea of the culture he wants to instate in his company. 

“If nobody is ever offended, we either don’t have enough diversity of thought or we don’t have enough transparency in communication. We recognize that hurt feelings are inevitable in a global organization that is optimizing for team outcomes above individual sentiment. The ideal Krakenite is thick-skinned and well-intentioned,” he wrote.

Powell also e

Powell also posted on social media to his followers explaining how the woke mob started to hijack Kraken’s corporate culture and the ultimatum he gave them. “Most people don’t care and just want to work, but they can’t be productive while triggered people keep dragging them into debates and therapy sessions. The answer for us was to just lay out the culture doc and say: agree and commit, disagree and commit, or take the cash✌️”

Powell considers himself a libertarian, and said he does not want employees who prefer their co-workers to “think like them.” He said, overall, the response from his staff regarding his anti-woke staff was “overwhelmingly positive”.

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