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Adam Schiff Gets Called Out By Clown World For LYING About Twitter Hate Speech

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Twitter users roasted Rep. Adam Schiff, (D-CA), for his tweet he posted on Thursday “demanding action” from Elon Musk on his claims of rising hate speech, which were immediately debunked by both Musk himself and Clown World, a Twitter account that pokes fun at liberal lunatics.

Schiff said, “On Elon Musk’s Twitter:- Slurs against Black people have tripled – Slurs against women are up 33% – Slurs against Jewish people are up 61% – And slurs against gay men are up 58%,” Schiff tweeted. “These numbers are abysmal – and unacceptable. Today, @RepMarkTakano and I are demanding action.”

Clown World was quick to point out that “Adam loves lying” while Elon Musk himself reported real data in response to the California Progressive’s false remarks, “hate speech impressions are actually down 1/3 for Twitter now vs prior to acquisition.”

According to Fox News, Musk was far from the only user to torch Schiff’s tweet. Many on Twitter slammed Schiff’s credibility, while also debating about the nature of what does or does not count as hate speech.

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton offered his assessment of the situation: “Corrupt congressman abuses office to call for mass censorship using fake stats. Threatens @ElonMusk.”

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald used Schiff’s tweet as an educational moment for his audience: “Aside from these made-up numbers: do you see how — to Democratic Party politicians — dictating to social media companies what they can and can’t platform, how they must censor, the role Democratic politicians play in all this, is just assumed as normal?”

“The Rubin Report” host Dave Rubin targeted Schiff’s credibility itself: “Got any evidence of this? Or is it like Russia collusion? Resign in shame.”

Other commentators claimed Twitter has changed for the better since Musk took over.

Commentator Carmine Sabia tweeted, “And censoring conservatives has fallen 95 percent which is why Andy Kaufman impersonator Adam Schiff is furious with @ElonMusk.”

Conservative news personality Rob Schmitt tweeted, “Child exploitation on twitter has been gutted, not sure why you don’t care about that…”

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