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Teen Girl Who ‘Identifies As Cat’ Allowed To ‘Act Like A Feline’ In School

As the woke left continues to embrace this nonsense, the world continues to normalize it.

A school in Australia is reportedly supporting a “phenomenally bright” teen girl who identifies as a cat. The student allegedly has permission to act like a feline and be non-verbal in class. The only stipulation is that her behavior does not distract other youngsters at the private school in Melbourne, Australia.

While the school did not confirm the report, it said in a statement that pupils were displaying “a range of issues, from mental health, anxiety or identity issues”. According to the Mirror, it added: “Our approach is always unique to the student and we will take into account professional advice and the wellbeing of the student.”

An individual close to the girl’s family told the Herald Sun: “No one seems to have a protocol for students identifying as animals, but the approach has been that if it doesn’t disrupt the school, everyone is being supportive.”

This isn’t the only bizarre case recently reported in Australia. As a matter of fact, several have been reported, including a group of four female students in Brisbane who have said to have taken to walking on all fours and cutting holes in their uniforms to make room for tails.

It is believed they were identifying as either foxes or cats. Claims, denied by the school, included one from a parent who told the Courier Mail a girl had screamed at another student for “sitting on her tail”, a concerned parent told The Courier Mail. It is not confirmed if the girls involved believe themselves to be part of the ‘furry’ subculture, in which people identify with animal traits.

It seems that YouTube and TikTok are to blame for the increase in identity insanity, as a number of students have taken to popular social media platforms to widely showcase their subcultures. One of these subcultures is the “Furry Fandom.”

People who identify this way can create a ‘FURsona’, in which they show characteristics of the animals they identify with. Popular animals include dogs, cats, foxes, wolves, lions, and tigers.

According to DailyRecord.co.uk, the subculture has a wide spectrum of different people and some choose to don their fursona in private, rather than in public. Fur Science said they found “furries were significantly more likely to have a history of being physically and verbally bullied.”

They added: “The more strongly a person identifies as a furry, the more likely they are to feel that they are treated worse by society for being furry. When seeking counseling or therapy for unrelated conditions, many furries report that they were driven away by therapists who ignored the problems they were experiencing.”

But not everyone welcomed the insanity and was as accommodating to the furry subculture woke show.

Ralph Babet from the United Australia Party said the bizarre story is a symptom of the ‘radical left’ running rampant and ‘unchecked’ in society.

Senator Babet took aim at the story on his Facebook page Sunday, demanding an end to ‘woke’ politics.

‘Can we just put a stop to this garbage right now? You go to school to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic,’ he wrote.

‘You are not a cat. You are a little girl. The end.’

Meanwhile, back in America, an Iowa newspaper reported some students in a small town identified as cats. Rumors began to surface that these students were permitted to use litter boxes in bathrooms to accommodate them, but the district’s superintendent debunked such stories.

Iowa isn’t the only state, however, where students have decided to go all in on the furry subculture.

In January, a Michigan school district was forced to deny that litter boxes were provided to students who identify as ‘furries’ after a woman made the claim in a school board meeting in July, according to DailyMail.co.uk.

District superintendent Michael E. Sharrow replied it was ‘unconscionable’ that he had to address the issue in an email to parents that was also posted on Facebook.

‘Let me be clear in this communication. There is no truth whatsoever to this false statement/accusation! There have never been litter boxes within MPS schools,’ Sharrow said.

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