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The Latest Covid Lockdown Measures In China Are Terrifying, Fauci Warns We Could Be Next

It was nice not having to listen to Anthony Fauci run his mouth daily over the last couple of weeks, but his absence may be short-lived after the latest Covid-19 surge in China.

Fauci is now warning Americans they could see additional restrictions in the coming months as cases of a mild Wuhan coronavirus increase in the United States.

In Shanghai, one of China’s largest financial hubs, citizens are being told to get off of their balconies and not to sing. Drones are flying around the city with strict orders.

As reported by CNN, Children who have Covid in China are being taken from their parents and are being isolated in quarantine centers. If they test positive, they are removed from their home on the spot, and their parents are not allowed to visit under ANY circumstance. Residents are not allowed to leave their homes for any reason including grocery shopping, and many are complaining of starving to death while others are dying in their homes due to lack of medical attention.

As Republican Senator Ted Cruz points out, strict lockdowns like the ones currently seen in China are supported by Democrats in the United States.

Cruz warns America that if we aren’t careful that Americans could see similar measures imposed on its citizens should we find ourselves amongst another Covid-19 surge.

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