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BORING: Jan 6 Committee Abruptly Suspends Hearings Until July, No Date Set

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The January 6th Hearing Committee investigating the riots at the US Capitol has abruptly suspended its hearings until at least July, according to The Hill.

The chairman of the committee, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), told reporters Wednesday that the committee would hold off on the two final hearings it had planned for this month. Hearings scheduled for Thursday will continue as planned.

“We’ve taken in some additional information that’s going to require additional work. So rather than present hearings that have not been the quality of the hearings in the past, we made a decision to just move into sometime in July,” Thompson said.

Despite lack of interest in the one-sided hearings and dismal ratings that even liberal networks are pulling the plug on, Johnson insists “There’s been a deluge of new evidence since we got started. And we just need to catch our breath, go through the new evidence, and then incorporate it into the hearings we have planned,” said the Mississippi representative.

It appears that the J6 committee is clutching at straws in a desperate attempt to salvage what little reputation members of the committee have left. Rep. Zoe Lofgren (CA-D) told The Hill that they haven’t established an exact date yet to reconvene, and claims the reason for the delay is because they have a “mountain of new information that’s come in” that they “have to go through.”

The committee claims that the new evidence includes recently turned-over video footage from a British documentarian of the attack as well as interviews with former President Trump, his adult children, and former Vice President Mike Pence — a figure the committee has been unable to convince to speak to investigators.

“We have gotten some additional information from a documentarian that we’ll have to review and some additional NARA production that’s going to require a little more time than we anticipated,” Thompson said, using the formal abbreviation for the National Archives.

Whether the committee actually has “new evidence” or interest in the hearing has taken a back seat to summer BBQs or watching paint dry, Liz Cheney and Co. certainly seem to be in a panic as ratings continue to plummet.

The shift will leave Thursday’s hearing as the final event for the month of June. That session will focus on Trump’s so-called pressure campaign at the Department of Justice.

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