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U.S. Navy Goes Full Woke, Training Video Urges Recruits To Create Pronoun ‘Safe Space’

I swear to God, America is doomed. We used to be the greatest nation on earth feared by enemies foreign and domestic. Our military was a force not to be reckoned with – until we went woke.

Our military lost their way during the Covid pandemic when they bent over for the unconstitutional mandatory shots. It was a dark time for our country and they did nothing to stand up for our medical freedoms. Don’t get me wrong, I love our troops and pray for them every day, but to say I was disappointed that they didn’t raise more of a stink over getting fired for not taking the job is an understatement.

I respected the argument, however, that we can’t afford a sick military, especially in the event that we find ourselves under attack, so I spared them the personal attack against my better judgment.

Pronouns, however, that’s where I draw the line! Our Navy has completely lost the plot and has officially bought into the whole ‘space space’ movement. I’m sorry, but if you’re not tough enough to handle a colleague not getting your “pronouns” right, you are in the wrong line of work.

Not only has the Navy embraced the same nonsense our grade school children have been forced to put up with since pronouns blew up on the scene back in 2020, but they are now releasing woke training videos urging recruits to create pronoun ‘safe spaces’.

Yup, the US Navy really did just release a training video encouraging sailors to announce their pronouns to create a “safe space” and avoid “misgendering” people.

The Washington Free Beacon posted the video training on its Twitter account highlighting to its followers that the new instructional video is modeled after a children’s show.


“Hi! My name is Jony, and I use he/him pronouns,” states one of the presenters in the training video. The video intended to highlight “the importance of using correct pronouns as well as polite etiquette when you may not be sure of someone’s pronouns,” according to the Navy.

The nearly four-minute Navy video emphasizes how members can create “a safe space” for their colleagues by using “inclusive language” that signals they are “allies” who “accept everybody,” reports the Washington Free Beacon.

“Service members must take these steps to ensure they do not “misgender someone.”

The Navy also warns staff against pressuring an individual to disclose his or her gender pronouns, saying that colleagues may still be in “the process of discovery and not yet ready to provide this information.”

The Navy also warns staff against pressuring an individual to disclose his or her gender pronouns

Chris Menahan, of Information Liberation, was quick to point out that not only are they training soldiers and sailors to use “proper” pronouns to “signal of acceptance and respect” of LGBTQ+ people, but “they’re simultaneously training their mostly-white recruits and servicemembers that white people are inherently evil.

“Gender” is a “spectrum” but “whiteness” is pure evil, Menahan went on to exclaim.

During pride month last year, duty members of the Navy in San Diego were forced to take part in a mandatory ‘diversity hike’ during which they flew LGBT flags while American flags were nowhere to be seen.

I can only imagine that while we’re playing woke army here in the United States, that China and Russia are licking their chops over the fact that we are more concerned with pronoun safe spaces than defending our borders.

If there was ever a time to strike America, I would say that right about NOW is that time. Here’s to hoping we get our heads out of our asses ASAP in order to get back to being the toughest and most feared nation on planet earth.

Matt Clark
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