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WATCH: Pro-Abortion Protester Attempts To Block Biden’s Motorcade, Gets Taken Down

A pro-abortion activist ran out in front of President Joe Biden’s motorcade in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon nearly getting killed. She was eventually pulled out of the road and taken to the ground by a secret service agent.

The out-of-control protester resisted arrest and was handcuffed while bystanders yelled at police to “get off of her”.

WATCH: Pro-Abortion Protester Gets Taken Out While Trying To Block President JOe Biden’s Motorcade

The media stayed silent on the rouge protester in an attempt to hide the fact a Biden secret service agent threw an unarmed woman to the ground and continued to beat her prior to restraining her.

Social media was quick to highlight that the media wasn’t “crying foul on this…” suggesting that they would have with Donald Trump.

President Joe Biden arrived in Los Angeles Wednesday for day three of the Summit of the Americas.

The president will be discussing migration, the economy, COVID-19, climate change, and more with an assembly of leaders from the Western Hemisphere.


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