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WATCH: ‘The Truth About Jan. 6th’ Documentary: Narrated by Political Prisoner Jake Lang

While the entire country was fixated on the Jan. 6th Committee Hearing that premiered during Primetime on Thursday night across every media outlet except Fox News, J6Truth.org released their groundbreaking documentary containing never-before-seen footage of and commentary on January 6th.

The highly anticipated documentary “The Truth About January 6th” premiered on Gateway Pundit and quickly circulated across social media for millions to view.

While Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, along with the support of Republican Liz Cheney, premiered the very biased and borderline illegal hearing of only the events that the so-called “judicial committee” wanted you to see, ‘The Truth About January 6th Documentary’ narrated by Political Prisoner Jake Lang, provided footage that Pelosi’s hearing committee refused to show.

Jake Lang, who narrated commentary for the documentary, is currently being held in Alexandria, Virginia.

Patriot One News has included the documentary here for you to watch:

WATCH: The Truth About January 6th Documentary

According to TheGatewaypundit.com, this film is historical in the fact it was co-produced and narrated by January 6th Political Prisoner Jake Lang from solitary confinement. Lang is arguably one of the most persecuted January 6th defendants and political prisoners in America today.

The original documentary is hosted on J6Truth’s Rumble Account.

Patriot One News has not verified any of the information or accuracy of the details provided in the documentary. Gateway Pundit journalists appear in the video substantiating the claims made.


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