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Hurricane “Alex” Moving Away From Florida; Cooler Next Week Across The Northern US

It’s still not “officially” Alex, but the center of circulation will move across central and southern Florida today with more heavy rains, gusty winds, and localized flooding. Again if you are in Florida, this is NOT a beach weekend at all. Even if it’s not stormy where you are, the rip current risk will be HIGH so best not to go into that warm water. Conditions will improve Sunday as “Alex” rolls north of the Bahamas towards Bermuda. The rip current risk will remain from Cape Hatteras southbound for Sunday, Monday, and possibly into Tuesday as well.

Some severe storms this weekend across the central Plains, but nothing that’s off the charts. Just a SLIGHT RISK this weekend. A storm system will organize with more widespread rains and possible thunderstorms across the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, and into the Northeast by early next week (Monday/Tuesday) followed by refreshingly cooler air behind it. So cool you’ll almost forget it’s June. This pattern of sunny and hot out west, hot along the Gulf Coast to the Carolinas, and cooler than normal everywhere else, is being set in concrete over the next few days and will be tough to break not just next week, but the week after that as well. We’ll keep our eyes open for any significant severe weather but we don’t see much at this time.

Enjoy your weekend!


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