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The Plains Are Under Threat For Severe Weather Again!

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Sorry for the late note. It’s just after 2 PM eastern 6/7 as of this writing. Storms will be plentiful across the Great Plains and most of the Central US this afternoon and tonight, with some areas under an ENHANCED RISK for severe weather. This is not as big of a tornado threat as it is large hail and high wind event. There is tons of CAPE and instability to pop these storms high up into the atmosphere to cause those areas of large hail and/or downbursts/microbursts. There is not a lot of directional shears and/or wind energy above these storms as there would be in March, April or May, so, therefore, the tornado threat is a lot lower. But it is not zero. I don’t expect widespread long track intense tornadoes. Just a few weaker spin-ups.. but if you see it.. still very dangerous. Always heed your local NWS weather warnings, especially Flood, Flash Flood, Severe Thunderstorm, and/or Tornado. They are there for a reason, and it’s not your inconvenience.

Temperature-wise it’s hot across most of the southern US. It’s above normal for sure, and the levels of humidity are coming back up in the Southeast after several very comfortable days in a row. It will remain summer-like, with at or above normal temperatures for the foreseeable future. Nothing record-breaking, but it’s not going to be cool either. Unless you are in the Northeast that is. Here it will remain cool with periods of clouds and showers, periods of sun, and pleasant conditions with cool mornings.

We’re getting into a time of year where there’s not going to be something every day to make a ton of noise about. We’ll make noise when we need to, but at this time, it’s not anything that will stick in your memory. When the weather does turn more volatile, more extreme, you can be sure we will be there with the information you need to keep you informed and most importantly, safe.

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