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Welcome to Patriot One News, America’s first 100% independent Citizen Journalist news outlet brought you for the people by the people!

Patriot One News delivers content to the American People that the mainstream media refuses to discuss. Every journalist who writes for us is given free rein to discuss important topics that they feel the world needs to hear. We don’t tell them what to write or how to write, we just let them write! This way our readers know that they are reading 100% authentic content and stories without a hidden agenda.

Hundreds of Citizen Journalists are already writing for Patriot One News. They break down the barriers of propaganda and report both sides of the story.

Matt Clark, Founder and Senior Editor of Patriot One News is on a mission to change journalism forever by returning honesty to the journalistic spectrum in order to restore faith that the American people are getting the full story.

Patriot One News is fresh off the press and only launched in 2021 as a revenge play on the mainstream media. America has been under attack for too long now, and the MSM have been running defense for a very corrupt establishment. We plan to bring down the fraud through traditional journalism that is well respected throughout the country.

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To write for Patriot One News, join our free private Facebook group Patriot One Citizen Journalists. With over 500 Citizen Journalists already join the movement, we’re moving fast and we’d love to have you part of the team!