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Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein: The Trial Of Corrupt Power And Untold Horror Starts Monday

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In the last few weeks, all eyes have been on the Rittenhouse trial, my own included.  As we head into the Holiday season, it’s been barely mentioned by the mainstream media that the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell is set to begin on Monday, November 29, 2021.

Ghislaine Maxwell was a long-time business partner of underage sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, in several of his financial/hedge fund firms.  We recall the media accounts of  his arrest by the FBI-NYPD Crimes Against Children Task Force at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey on sex trafficking charges. He was jailed at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York.   His subsequent and in my opinion, questionable, death while in custody has led to many different theories of how he died, spawning a multitude of different memes with the caption, “Epstein didn’t kill himself”.

Jeffrey Epstein had a long and dark history of sexually violating underage girls for his own “amusement”.  On July 27, 2006, Epstein was arrested by the Palm Beach, Florida Police Department on state felony charges of procuring a minor for prostitution and solicitation of a prostitute.  He was booked at the Palm Beach County jail and later released on a $3,000 bond after pleading “not guilty” to the charges.

After lengthy court proceedings, on June 30, 2008, Epstein pled  guilty to a state charge (one of two) of procuring prostitution from a girl below the age eighteen.  He was sentenced to one year and six months in prison,  but after roughly three months Epstein was  allowed to leave the jail on “work release” for up to twelve hours a day, six days a week. This completely contradicted the  State of Florida’s Sheriff’s own policies requiring a maximum remaining sentence of ten months and making sex offenders ineligible for the privilege of work release.  Epstein served almost thirteen months under house arrest before being released on July 22, 2009.

Somehow, Epstein managed to strike a non-prosecution deal with federal prosecutors in Miami that secretly ended a federal sex abuse probe involving at least forty teenage girls, upon the condition that he pled guilty on the State charges in Florida.

His most infamous arrest occurred on July 6, 2019 for the sex trafficking of minors in New York and Florida.

As stated earlier, he was kept in a cell at the New York Metropolitan Correctional Center, where he was found dead by the Correctional Officers on duty at the time. Being that Epstein was dead, it defeated the purpose of pursuing criminal charges against him, which led to the presiding judge to dismiss all criminal charges on August 29, 2019.

His last arrest revealed that in 1998, Epstein purchased an estate in the Virgin Islands, which was grossly nicknamed by the natives as “Pedophile Island”.  According to attorneys for Epstein’s alleged victims, his estate located at Little St. James is where many, but not all, of the crimes against minors were committed by Epstein and “friends” who traveled there with him. According to court records released to the press, visitors to Epstein’s Hellish island included former President Bill Clinton, British Royal, Prince Andrew, and Bill Gates, amongst others.  It has also been alleged that Epstein installed concealed cameras in numerous places on his properties to allegedly record sexual activity by prominent and/or famous people with underage girls in various blackmail schemes.  In my opinion, this may account for the leniency shown to Epstein during his past incarceration.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s decades long business partner was arrested by the FBI on charges of procuring underage girls and sex trafficking on July 2, 2020 in New York.  Maxwell has pled not guilty to charges that she groomed underage victims to have unwanted sex with Epstein and “guests” of the island, amongst several other of Epstein’s properties in the U.S. and internationally. She has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

As seen in the criminal complaint against Maxwell, as found  in www.justice.gov, the prosecutors plan to bring evidence that Maxwell was eager to play the role of satisfying Epstein’s proclivity for luring young victims into “sexualized massages”, amongst other sex acts, for himself and “guests”.

Prosecutors will also bring evidence that Maxwell knew that the victims, including a fourteen year-old girl, were below the age of consent and arranged travel for them between Epstein’s homes. To and from his estate in Palm Beach, Florida, his Manhattan townhouse and at other residences throughout the world.

The  prosecutors have also stated that Maxwell “would try to normalize sexual abuse for a minor victim by, among other things, discussing sexual topics, undressing in front of the victim, being present when a minor victim was undressed, and/or being present for sex acts involving the minor victim and Epstein.”

The prosecution will bring forth four witnesses for the trial who will state under Oath that they and others were victimized as teens by Epstein and guests from 1994 to 2004 at his multiple properties around the globe, and that Ghislaine Maxwell facilitated the abuse that transpired.

One witness called Maxwell “a sexual predator who groomed and abused me and countless other children and young women.” Another witness statement stated that “Without Ghislaine, Jeffrey could not have done what he did.”

It has been reported through multiple sources that Maxwell’s defense team will attempt to portray her as a “victim”.

“Jeffrey Epstein was a brilliant man who was flawed by enduring personality traits familiar to psychiatrists,” her lawyers said in a recent court filing. “Like many people who achieve great power and wealth, Jeffery Epstein exploited the ‘Halo effect’ to surround himself with people who would serve his needs.”

To date, Ghislaine Maxwell has been incarcerated, waiting for trial.  Her bail requests have been rejected many times.  The presiding Judge has stated on record that Maxwell has too many opportunities to flee, citing her U.S., French and English citizenship, and her enormous wealth and international connections.

It has also been widely reported that the Maxwell family has petitioned the United Nations to secure her release and to have the charges dropped.  The U.N. has not made any public comments on this request.

It has also been widely reported that the attorneys for Ghislaine Maxwell are attempting to get her out of an isolated cell while she waits for trial, and as the trial will progress.  In my opinion, this may be a really bad idea.  As heinous as the charges are against Ghislaine Maxwell, I’d rather she goes through the court process, possibly turn State witness regarding the identity of the “guests” of “Pedophile Island”, and other properties, than be put in a position to “Epstein herself”.

I will be looking at this trial with a huge amount of interest.  Child Sex Trafficking has NO PLACE in civilized society.  Those who facilitate this ugly trade deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law, with extreme prejudice.

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