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New York State’s “Shady” Amendment Proposals – An Inescapable Road To Gerrymandering

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Election Day is upon us and as always incumbents (seated officials) are up to their old tricks. – Why should this year be any different?

Amendment proposals are brought to the ballot for voters to have a chance to vote for or against changes to constitutional law/s. In this year’s election it’s New York State’s Constitution and, in part, the amendments are quite out of alignment with the United States Constitution and best interests of New York State citizens and America in general.

The most discerning is the fact that these proposals aren’t exactly forthright about what motivations are behind them. – Often even creating more problems combined together than is expressed in their titles and descriptions. – Requiring the voter to read pages and pages while thinking outside the box. – And of course, details are often not clearly presented on the ballot beyond a brief description and title.

When rules are established within a constitution they become not just a law, but a duty and responsibility by all the constitution governs. – At the state level, its constitution supersedes the U.S. Constitution, by democratic agreement, of which can subject its citizens/residents to deviate from U.S. Constitutional law. – State constitution only applies from within the state’s jurisdiction. This is why many Americans are voicing their concerns about losing their rights as prescribed under the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. – Especially as their votes become challenged by the allowance of not-citizens who have yet to or not at all committed to citizenship of the United States.

Be sure to at least look at the highlights of these proposals.

Things that may come to fruition if these Amendments are passed.

Amendment Proposal 1:  Amending the Apportionment and Redistricting Process

New York State legislators would like to eliminate the standing process of checks and balances so it can reform to a new platform in redistricting (senatorial districts) without having to represent the growing population. – As prescribed in the U.S. Constitution and New York State’s current policies.

This Amendment removes the need to expand senatorial representatives by New York State’s population size, originally recognized to offer reasonable representation of coverage by districts. Along with this proposal is the amendment to restrict the assigned designation to the two party (one Democrat and one Republican) representatives in the redistricting process of which presently offers balance of representation that is out of reach of voter’s preferences. – especially by reforming district maps.

Meaning either party could quite easily take partisan (one sided) control of redistricting. Those who are affected literally will have no voice or power to say by whom represents them as wells as have say in what district the belong as partisan drives a demographic form that can and will certainly impose a partisan advantage. – Rendering the minority party substantially less-competitive in future elections.

This is a setup for a form of gerrymandering by silencing opposing voices via the absence of bi-partisan representation of which the current State Constitution offers and protects. This amendment removes this accountability and millions of votes will become invalid especially from within their own districts.

Amendment Proposal 2: Right to Clean Air, Clean Water, and a Healthful Environment.

While everyone deserves the Right to Clean Air, Clean Water, and a “Healthful Environment,” they also deserve the Right to affordable means to live, including their resource of income to the products and services they use to maintain their property and homes. Take some time to review the changes in “[brackets]” as the proposed changes will lead to restrictions, mandates, and laws that the average New York Resident cannot afford. Especially by what will be introduced through intrusive State-wide policies that will force people out of their homes, or out of state as they lose their ability to maintain life here in New York State.

Amendment Proposal 3: Ballot Proposal – Eliminating Ten-Day-Advance Voter Registration Requirement

There is seriously something wrong with this proposal that will go without consideration by many voters. It’s of no surprise that we are just now seeing this and Election Day is upon us. There is nothing to indicate that a 10 day prior to Election Day registration cut-off is at all oppressive. – This existing condition protects the integrity of elections prior to the submission of all votes, otherwise, malicious and allusive attempts to control the outcome of elections becomes a very real concern, no matter what party holds the majority power.

This amendment tied with Amendment proposal 4 will open up a door for unethical and fraudulent election practices (Amendment proposal 4: Authorizing No-Excuse Absentee Ballot Voting). Without a restriction to halt last-minute registrations, or prior to the commencement of voting with honest election processes in place, will endure an absolute invitation to offset, change, deter, mislead, coerce, and manipulate fraud in elections on ALL levels throughout New York State.

This amendment offers indeterminate and officious last minute additions to the voting process, following witness of incoming/ongoing voter tallies. Meaning, the votes swaying one way can be altered by a sudden an unexplained shift last minute via fraudulent votes. – All while controls to detect fraud are subverted by remaining within allowable discrepancies parameters, that would otherwise justify investigation.

Without voter-ID there is little to nothing else to assure that legitimate voters alone are submitting their votes anywhere in the United States and especially New York State. There is little to no commitment of concern from investigative and judicial levels following the election process as we’ve all witnessed. Any and All efforts we have seen so far are afforded by private organizations and even with the strongest of evidence the motion to disprove the validity of election is shunned and ignored by those assigned to the decision process.

Amendment Proposal 4: Authorizing No-Excuse Absentee Ballot Voting

Granted, the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic are of a concern when it comes to election time. Being a qualified active voter should not come with a compromise to your health. This in itself is a viable “excuse.” This amendment adds even more ambiguity to elections and should not become part of any State’s constitution for the fact that it offered even more ways to commit fraud without the ability to validate the legitimacy of the voter. – even for the voters themselves.

There is nothing to validate who voted for whom in an election process that doesn’t require identification. There is no certain way of seeing who voted for whom or on behalf of the voter without validation of identification of which doesn’t compromise the protected autonomy of the voter. – This is a crossroads that many find controversial. No one should suffer becoming targeted for voting nor should they lose the strength of their vote via changes after-the-fact or someone voting for them without their knowledge or consent. Presently, there is nothing in existence other than random people selected to examine ballot inconsistencies, errors, and anomalies.

Just to make matters even more interesting, there is provision in this amendment that affords people who are not registered to reside in the United States a right to vote in elections from within New York State. Meaning that people who live here, or plausbily not, without a need for excuse to vote remotely, who have no status in the United States, and no means to validate their existence and/or residence, and with ability to register at the last minute; the ability to sway elections with lackluster commitment by officials to investigate through the judicial process.

The LAST thing New York State needs is mail-in ballots combined with no excuse for remote voting, and in combination with the allowance of last minute registrations that can be submitted fraudulently. While there is registrar for voters, there is also most certainly a record of those who do not show up on the voter registrars. Seriously, think about that.

This is a recipe for failure and subterfuge.

Amendment proposal 5: Increasing the Jurisdiction of the New York City Civil Court

While this motivation seems relative to the economic challenges and increase costs, there seems to be a burden on Supreme Court when it comes to civil lawsuits in New York City. The fact that the State of New York has to take such a vested interest in controlling its largest city to the point its laws impose on the entire state is discerning. New York City and its counties should be given provision to handle their issues locally and without State-wide interventions. Voting “yes” to this Amendment proposal is just a band-aide that eventually falls back on they rest of the state.



Image, district manipulation (https://www.fairvote.org)

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