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The Largest Ever Migrant Caravan Is Heading Straight For The United States, 15,000 Strong

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Illegal immigrants are on the move once again as President Biden and the Democrats continue to fail to keep our borders safe, only this time, up to 15,000 may join the largest-ever migrant caravan to walk through Mexico to the United States.

Liozanys Comeja, a migrant who has joined about 11,000 others who on Monday will leave Tapachula, a city on the Mexico-Guatemala border, and head north for the United States, moved to Colombia five years ago but decided to leave her new life behind this month due to the rising cost of living.

Liozanys Comeja and her teacup chihuahua, Mia. Photograph: Lillian Perlmutter/The Guardian

The caravan will depart as leaders from across the hemisphere gather in Los Angeles for the Summit of the Americas.

According to The Guardian, this is not the first migrant caravan to leave Tapachula, but it may be the largest ever recorded in Mexico: its numbers are expected to swell in the coming days, and may reach 15,000 people.

“This is the largest mass human migration I have seen in at least the past 10 years,” said Luís Villagrán, an organizer of the caravan and director of the non-profit Center for Human Dignification.

Reporters from The Guardian reported that the largest number of migrants in the caravan come from Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua – “three countries whose authoritarian rulers Joe Biden has conspicuously refused to invite to the summit.” But there are also Haitians, Salvadorans, Hondurans, Guatemalans, and even citizens of India, Bangladesh, and several African countries.

Biden has not been to the border once since being sworn in, and border czar Kamala Harris has done nothing to address the catastrophic crisis.

According to an op-ed written by Senator John Thune, “from the day the president took office, our nation has been experiencing an unprecedented surge of individuals who want to enter the United States illegally through the southern border. There have been 2 million illegal border-crossing attempts since President Biden was sworn in, yet his administration refuses to implement policies that would deter illegal immigrants from coming into our country,” the Senator wrote.

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