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Antibodies From Pfizer Drops Rapidly After Two Months Of Getting The Jab, Especially In Men, Immunocompromised People

Two recent studies have found that antibodies after the Pfizer vaccine shot begin to fade two months after getting the jab.

It goes without saying that vaccines are one of the most effective tools for people to protect themselves against the deadly coronavirus. These vaccines work well with the natural defences of your body and help you fight the virus if you get exposed. But vaccines don’t last forever. The contents of the shots, like many of the germs they imitate, are only present for as long as the body takes to destroy them. While protection offered by the vaccines naturally declines, a new report suggests that immune protection offered by Pfizer’s vaccine drops rapidly after 2 months of getting both the doses, especially in men and immunosuppressed people.

Antibody levels decline quickly after two doses of vaccination, according to an Israeli study that included 4,800 health care workers. As per the study, men, persons 65 years of age or older, and persons with immunosuppression are more at risk.

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