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Dr. Fauci, Himself Warned Us In 2020 Against Vaccinating For Covid-19, What Changed?

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In March of 2020, about a year before the first Covid-19 vaccine was released, Dr Fauci, himself said the worst possible scenario would be to develop a vaccine that promoted the very disease you want to control.

Just one year later in March of 2021, as the world began distributing Covid-19 vaccines and celebrating its success in the war against Coronavirus, vaccine developer Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD issued warnings against mass vaccinations with this type of vaccine since it’s a therapeutic vaccine and not an immunization. He called it early on and said there will be success for a while, then rising outbreaks among the vaccinated due to variants they will have no resistance to. It appears he was right.

Jump forward to September of this year and Steve Deace, an expert with statistics, compared the WHO numbers from the first week of September of last year to the same period this year. He studied the case load and death rates focusing on countries around the world with near fully vaccinated populace. High percentages having had two and even three shots. Since these countries started their programs ahead of the USA we don’t need a crystal ball to see in the future, Israel being a perfect example.

What Steve found was in many cases there has been as many as eight and nine times the case loads and death rates as last year. Not what you would expect since there were no vaccines last year. Mayo Clinic trained pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole MD explains we’re dealing with a “leaky” vaccine, also known as a “shedding” vaccine. Basically it means it’s very different from the immunizations like the Polio and Small Pox vaccines which killed off the virus they were designed for. What we’re dealing with now obviously cannot, they allow some survival. They “leak”.

According to Dr. Ryan and Dr. Bossche the vaccines are specific to the original virus and have little or no effect on the multiple variants which inevitably follow and there’s no way of producing vaccines for the thousands of variants possible.

Dr Bossche’s statement at about 50 minutes into his video from last March sums up and very accurately predicts the current situation. He claimed , “We are making a virus that was initially pretty harmless, we are making, really, a kind of monster of this virus because the more we chase it the more it will become infectious… you’ll see the declines, of course it will have an effect, then “for sure, after this decline you will see a huge wave, a huge wave of disease and mortality in spite of the fact that countries are going to increase their vaccine coverage”.

To be clear, neither of these Doctors are against the vaccines, they are very clear on that point. They have both take a stance that the vaccines are effective but limited and must be used within the parameters of their limitations. Their warnings are not anti-vaccine, rather anti-misuse of the vaccines.

It’s worthy of note the Idaho Medical Association has requested an investigation of Dr. Cole for treating Covid patients with Ivermectin, which has not been approved by the FDA for treatment of Covid. However, it’s interesting that there are hospitals in the United States being forced by court order to treat select Covid patients with Ivermectin due to legal action taken by families. This writer knows of two cases in the city I live near. Both cases had positive results.

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