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HR RECRUITER FROM HELL: Candace Owens Calls Out Unhinged Liberal For Threatening Employees

Candace Owens reacted Tuesday on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to an unhinged Canadian Human Resources recruiter that posted a video on TikTok threatening the livelihoods of anyone that protested the trucker convoy in Ottawa earlier this year.

“What is it about TikTok that brings out these adult mental illnesses?” Owens asked. “I can’t figure it out, what is it about this app that people that are mentally unstable go on it and must say, hi, I am a crazy person and listen to me speak about these issues. By the way, is this the weirdest flex ever? ‘I’m an H.R. recruiter and I’m going to be able to control your entire life. She is bonkers. She is out of her mind. But she’s also so emblematic of the West increasingly having this issue with mental illness just fully on display and we’re pretending that it is not everywhere around us.”

Watch Unhinged HR Manager Threaten Anyone Who Supports Freedom:

“She is angry because people like freedom,” Owens said. “She is using the word freedom like it’s a dirty word. We’re going to find you, we know that you like to be free. We know that you like to breathe without a mask. We know that you like to have control over your own body and not the force vaccinated by your government. We know that you like to move across state lines without your government telling you no, and I am an HR recruiter and I’m here to stop that, Tucker. I mean what an absolute crazy person.”


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