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Joe Biden Is Planning On Reintroducing The Detrimental Iranian Nuclear Deal, But With A Twist. 

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As we are paying attention to the most current foreign policy blunder by our bungling “Commander in Chief” and his cronies, another grave mistake is just over the horizon.  Watching the horrific destruction coming out of the ground war in Ukraine, (which could’ve been totally avoidable with stronger American influence), Joe Biden is planning on reintroducing the detrimental Iranian Nuclear Deal, but with a twist.

In 2015, former President Barack Obama implemented the Iranian Nuclear Deal, formally known in governmental circles as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, (JCPOA).

” This deal: The JCPOA is incredibly detailed. Congress is reviewing the JCPOA over a 60-day period. The following lays out the details, in-depth analysis, and public statements on the deal that will ensure that Iran’s nuclear program remains exclusively peaceful moving forward.

  • Cuts off all of Iran’s pathways to a nuclear weapon, including a covert pathway
  • Puts in place vigorous, intrusive, and unprecedented transparency measures that are necessary to verify that Iran cannot pursue a weapon
  • Ensures sanctions can be snapped back into place if Iran violates the deal.”

Sounds like a reasonably decent international deal with a hostile power to ensure the safety of the planet.  However, like everything that sounds too good to be true, the JCPOA is no different.  The deal had no teeth.  The JCPOA did not require Iran to submit to unscheduled  inspections of their power facilities and military installations where nuclear activities are likely to happen. The deal gave Iran the power to  delay inspections of such facilities for roughly a month, giving Iran plenty of time to cover up evidence of covert nuclear activities.  There are too many loopholes in this deal that would encourage Iran to be a global threat. 

“1.  The deal fails to guarantee the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program—rather, it gives Iran a clear pathway to nuclear weapons as restrictions on its uranium- enrichment and plutonium-processing capacities end (‘sunset’) between 2026 and 2031.

Inspections, Verification and Potential Clandestine Parallel ProgramKey questions also remain about Iran’s undeclared nuclear activities. The JCPOA prematurely and irresponsibly closed the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) probe into Iran’s documented past nuclear-weaponization efforts or the Possible Military Dimensions (PMDs) of its nuclear program.

  1. Iran accepts temporary nuclear restrictions in exchange for front-loaded, permanent benefits.

In exchange for temporary restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program, Iran is receiving permanent benefits up-front.

United Nations (U.N.) sanctions and some EU sanctions have been lifted, enabling Iran to access previously frozen assets. Remaining EU sanctions will be lifted in 2023.

  1. The deal emboldens and enriches an extremist anti-American terror state thereby furthering Iran’s expansionist and destabilizing activities.

Iran continues to be the world’s leading state-sponsor of terror, backing Hezbollah and Hamas, both of which have American blood on their hands.”

This was a terrible deal.  Had this been allowed to progress, the United States and the world would’ve been at the mercy of a lunatic Middle Eastern regime.  Thankfully, on October 12, 2017, President Trump put the  kibosh on this train-wreck of a deal and sought to make a better deal that would put us and the world in a better position.  Although no newer international deal was made between America and Iran during Trump’s presidency, efforts were made to isolate them in the region to lessen their impact.  (IE: The Abraham Accords).

On top of the malaise of our current administration regarding the brutal invasion of Ukraine by Russia, as well as financing the Russian invasion by continuing to buy their oil, the Biden administration blatantly stated on March 4, 2022 that  it’s close to announcing a Russian brokered deal that will lift existing sanctions against Iran, therefore freeing up billions of dollars for their nuclear and terrorist activities.  In essence, this will double down on Barack Obama’s abysmal 2015 Iranian Nuclear Deal.

” Since Moscow regularly breaks its own international treaty obligations — whether in the use of chemical weapons or the war crimes we see today in Ukraine — Russian diplomats work overtime to shield rogue nations like Iran and Syria from accountability… What must Iran do in exchange for $100 billion in sanctions relief, freedom from terrorism sanctions and a blind eye toward its nuclear secrets? Not much. Iran will be able to threaten the world at a time of its choosing since it can keep enriching uranium and developing long-range nuclear-capable missiles to menace the American homeland. And the infamous sunset provisions of the old deal remain in place — they ensure the near-term expiration (or “sunset”) of all key restrictions. This sets up a nuclear crisis as early as 2025 even if Iran abides by the terms of the new agreement.”

Exhibiting the typical “point the finger” mentality of Joe Biden’s White House, during this announcement, he blamed President Trump for his “bungling” of Iran during his term.  The White House’s Official Statement released stated,

” The Iran deal was working. Maximum pressure failed. It’s this deal or war.”

There is no truth to this statement, as typical of most of the political rumblings coming out of the White House.

In just the first year of Biden’s administration, he oversaw the decline of Afghanistan, the resurgence of ISIS, the brutal invasion of an international ally, (being financed by American governmental investment in Russian oil), and now facilitating the very real threat of a nuclear powered fanatical terrorist regime that will irrevocably destabilize our world.  To paraphrase President Ronald Reagan, are we better off now?

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