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NY Mom Sends Kathy Hochul Stern Warning After Her School District Was Threatened By The Governor

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This afternoon like many other parents in NYS, I received yet another letter from my superintendent of schools regarding Covid-19.

This time it was pertaining to our New Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman and his intentions on making masks a choice for our districts and our children. While many agree with Mr. Blakemans stance on masks, our “Honorable Govenor by default “ Kathy Hochul has decided to retaliate with threats. She has threatened that state funding will be taken away to any school that decides to make masks optional rather than mandatory. While I highly doubt “miss powerful and almighty “ has even the manpower to watch every school in Nassau County, let alone the entire state of NY, my district still is in compliance with this ridiculous mandate that is by definition against the laws of the state.

Our Bill of Rights clearly states that all children living in the United States has the right and equal opportunity to an education. So why does Kathy Hochul think she can personally take that right away by threatening school districts to withhold funding? Better yet, why are we continuing to comply with these ridiculous regulations even after County Executive Bruce Blakeman signed an exeutive order that Nassau County will not be complying? And most importantly, why is this woman whom wasn’t even elected as our governor being given so much power? Last I checked this is supposed to be a free country and not a dictatorship, yet we the people still comply.

As a life long Nassau County resident and a parent of two special needs children, I want to know why? Why are we still wearing masks even though we know that they do not stop the spread of COVID? Why are we complying with vaccinations and boosters of a drug that we do not know the lasting effects and that isn’t even effective against the transmission or spread of COVID? Why are we continuing to live scared of a virus with a 99.7% survival rate? Why do we continue to get tested and answer the contact tracers of our whereabouts? Long story short many believe by complying we will get back to “normal”. The true reality is we are now coming to the two year anniversary of the “14 days to flatten the curve” and we are still where we started. We were initially told if we got vaccinated we will be able to take off the masks, we were told to trust the science, we were told that we will get back to normal. Well now we are at 92.7% of Nassau County residents having at least one dose of the Vaccine yet masks are still required? Why is it that not more people are questioning this logic or science that has been jammed down our throats for the last two years? Why are we not questioning the constant number retractions of cases in the hospitals because the reportings were so inflated? Why are we putting our personal health into the hands of the government rather than making our own decisions?

Many may say what is the harm in children wearing masks? Just comply, it won’t do any harm, that is where you’re wrong. According to Dr. Michael Ungar, PHD of Psychology Today, “with widespread masking, we may unintentionally be disadvantaging the necessary skills to discern emotions and the neurological changes that make it possible to distinguish one face from another in young children.” Other studies have shown that cloth masks that are not properly cleaned contain a wide range of micro-organisms including but not limited to bacteria, yeast and fungus.

So I ask you as a concerned parent, why are we not fighting back? Why do we continue to listen to our government when it’s strictly about their political agenda and power and not about science? When will we start pushing back and fighting for not only our rights but the rights of our children? I assure you if we don’t fight back and continue to comply, things will not get better they will only get worse.

I have written a letter to our governor, which I have included a copy below, and I am urging all of you to do the same. Write letters, make phone calls, contact your local representatives and fight back. We the People need to take a stand, not back down in fear.

The Honorable Kathy Hochul,

My name is Nicole Fochetta, I am a parent of two special needs children and a life long resident of Long Island. I am concerned about this “mask mandate” you have put into place in our schools.

I want to know where the science is that says masks do anything to stop the spread of a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate that my children and many of their peers have already had? I want to know where the logic is that these masks or vaccinations are needed when most of the infected are guess what vaccinated? I want to know why you’re threatening our school districts their funding when in our constitution it states no child shall be denied a free education? Our country was founded on principles of our government not having absolute power which you have clearly went against in your desire to be “in charge “ and” all mighty and powerful”.

Fact of the matter is no one asked you to be our governor, you were put in place by default. Instead of pushing your clearly political agenda on the people of NY how about actually looking at real data of this virus and the actual figures instead of the inflated numbers you keep bestowing upon us to try and instill fear into people to push your narrative?

If you have any hope of being elected come off this high horse you have created for yourself before ultimate retaliation comes upon you by the citizens of New York State.

If I have anything to say about it I will make sure you do not serve another term.


Nicole Fochetta

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