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School Board Covers Up Trans Bathroom Rape Incident, Victims Father Gets Arrested While Addressing BOE

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The Loudoun County, Virginia school board seems to have been sticking it’s finger in the eye of parents for some time by teaching Critical Race Theory and imposing Policy 8040, “protecting” transgender rights against objections of parents.

Teacher Byron “Tanner” Cross found “overwhelming support” from parents after being terminated for refusing to address students by their chosen pronouns. He was reinstated by court order last spring. Then came the inconvenient rape followed by a lie, a cover-up, and gag order.

On May 28, 2021 Scott Smith’s 9th grade daughter was raped in the girl’s lavatory at the end of the school day by a boy wearing a skirt. The perpetrator was caught and charged with four counts of sexual assault. Scott was told by the prosecutor he needed to be quiet about the attack if he expected justice for his daughter. Scott said he was lead to believe the perpetrator would be confined and wearing an ankle bracelet until the case was over.

On June 22 Scott attended a school board meeting, where moments before his arrest, he heard the school superintendent announce they have never had an incident of transgender assault and that “transgender predators don’t exist”. Scott’s wife was immediately confronted by an “activist parent” who, according to Scott, began harassing his wife and telling him his daughter wasn’t raped. He claims at the moment of that confrontation he was “grabbed” by several police who tackled him to the ground, and was later arrested for disturbance and resisting arrest.

The update in the story comes to light due to the fact Scott received word “last Friday” (Oct 8, 2021) that the same boy who assaulted his daughter ended up assaulting another girl at at the new school he was transferred to after the rape of Scott’s daughter. Apparently the Policy 8040 “protecting transgender rights” is being taken too literally and at the expense of the safety of young girls. Yet the “top elected prosecutor”, Buta Biberaj, who ran on a platform of ending “mass incarceration” personally prosecuted Scott Smith and attempted to have him jailed after his arrest.

Since June 22 the video of Scott Smith’s arrest has been shown all over the country and used by the National School Board Association to convince AG Merrick Garland to protect them with the PATRIOT ACT against “domestic terrorists” committing “hate crimes” against them. Apparently, what they really want is to control classroom indoctrination without parental interference, and they want it country wide. Now that the FBI and DOJ have been weaponized on their behalf maybe they’ll meet their goal, but only if parents kowtow and refuse to fight for their children. In Loudoun County parents are standing strong. So are the students.

Katie Young, a 14-year-old student in the school district, claimed that “8040 and many policies that are being proposed are not to make people more comfortable or to accept others but instead to change the way my peers and I think, so that we will become the next generation of social justice warriors. I am 14 years old, the fact that I have to be here defending my rights to not have your radical agenda shoved down my throat in school is not only concerning, it’s upsetting,” Young added. “My peers and I are not tools to further your political agenda.”

“These school board members knew about the first incident at the June 22 meeting. I’m sorry, they all knew about the case when they were here for the June 22 meeting. And now another child has been hurt by this same predator? And so we hold them accountable,” Patti Menders, a mother and president of the Loudoun County Republican Women’s Club, told Fox News in an interview before the meeting.

Maybe AG Garland’s FBI & DOJ have more to investigate than planned, but in a different direction.


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