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‘She’ll Be President Of Nothing’, Republicans Blast Nikki Haley For Suggesting A 2024 Run

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It’s no surprise that Nikki Haley has been seriously mulling over a 2024 Presidential run. The only problem is, she doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of ever beating Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis in the primaries, should either of them decide to run.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley is nothing more than an ‘establishment Republican’ who played Trump to get to where she is today, but then quickly stabbed him in the back once the window of opportunity presented itself for her own political gain.

Haley, while delivering the keynote address at the Christians United for Israel (CUFI 2022 Washington Summit in Arlington, Virginia over the past 3 days, suggested that she would be the next President of the United States.

According to the Daily Wire, her comments came within the context of talking about the possibility that Democrat President Joe Biden could sign a new nuclear agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran, even though Iran says that they are now capable of building a nuclear weapon.

“And if this president signs any sort of deal, I’ll make you a promise,” Haley tweeted, “The next President will shred it – on her first day in office.”

Needless to say, Haley generated instant backlash online with her remarks as several high-profile media figures were quick to point out that “she will be President of nothing.”

“She will be president of nothing,” attorney and columnist Kurt Schlichter tweeted. “I voted against Jeb! in 2016 and I will vote against him again when he’s wearing a skirt and named Nikki.”

Jack Posobiec, the Senior Editor at HumanEvents.com, tweeted “Imagine how long her staff workshopped this line.”

Kaelan Door, a former Trump official, compared Haley to two-time loser Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, writing: “She’ll melt it with the hot sauce in her bag, while chillin’ in Cedar Rapids amirite?”

“With all due respect, we want DeSantis,” political commentator Harrison Krank tweeted.

R.J. Kassam, editor-in-chief of The National Pulse, tweeted: “Nikki, stop, this is embarrassing.”

Nikki Haley might want to sit this one out and focus on endorsing RINO candidates like Nancy Mace who she worked double time to beat out Trump-endorsed Katie Arington for South Carolina’s District 1 in June.

Clearly, the two most likely candidates for the Republican presidential primary in 2024 are former President Donald Trump and Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. For Nikki Haley to run now would be absolute political suicide, especially seeing that both conservative and moderate Republicans despise her. I guess that’s what happens when you try to play both sides depending on which direction the political wind blows.

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