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YouTube Divers Did In A Single Day What Cops Failed To Do In 2 Weeks In Missing Girl Search

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Something doesn’t add up regarding this Rodni case. For 2 weeks, local law enforcement agencies couldn’t locate missing California teen Kiely Rodni after 20,000 man-hours, but an independent volunteer deep-diving team of YouTubers claimed to have found her in less than one full day of looking.

But here’s the part that doesn’t sit well with me. It’s not the fact that nearly 20,000 cumulative personnel hours were spent on this case, or that 7 air resources were involved alongside several assisting agencies, but the fact that local law enforcement already swept the exact body of water the diving team were led to believe they didn’t need to search.

“They gave us a grid map and made us confident we didn’t need to search here,” John Cantu, 31 year-old dive team member, insisted.

Police also told ‘Aventures With A Purpose’, the YouTube diving group, that “they did a rigorous search.”

Still, the Oregon-based team persisted, with its sonar spotting the likely car about 14 feet underwater, and a diver then confirming it within minutes of going in, the group told The NY Post.

Adventures With Purpose diver Nick Rinn appears to have found the missing teen in an area police said they had already searched. Source: DANIEL WILLIAM MCKNIGHT

Adventures With Purpose started searching Prosser Creek Reservoir on Sunday — and within hours found what they believe is the 16-year-old’s 2013 Honda CRV with a body inside, the NY Post reported.

“WE JUST FOUND KIELY RODNI,” the volunteer group claimed on Facebook, ahead of local authorities confirming that the body was indeed the teen who went missing after a nearby graduation party on Aug. 6.

The deep-diving experts, who make high-production YouTube videos of their missions to help offer their services to families for free, have previously shared similar successes where huge police hunts have failed.

Before joining the Rodni search, Doug Bishop, 38-year-old lead investigator, cited such successes as what they “bring to the table that 16 other agencies haven’t already.”

If confirmed — with the YouTube team as well as police promising updates later Monday — it would be at least the 24th missing person case the team of 10 has solved in less than three years.

“We have developed a set of skills that have led us in this direction,” Bishop told Fox 2 earlier this year. “We’re just good guys trying to do good in the world.”

Lead investigator Doug Bishop has called the group “good guys trying to do good in the world.” Source: DANIEL WILLIAM MCKNIGHT

According to the NY Post, hours before the crew’s breakthrough Sunday, the sheriff’s offices for both Placer and Nevada counties bragged about devoting 19,951 cumulative man hours in the search, using seven aircraft and with help from the California High Patrol, local police and fire and even the FBI.

“Additionally, seven civilian air patrol resources were utilized to search an 80-mile radius from where Kiely was last seen,” the forces said.

It appears to have taken the volunteers just hours to achieve what law enforcement failed to do in nearly 20,000 man hours.
Source: Placer County Sheriff’s Office

To give local law enforcement credit, however, where credit is do, and not to take away anthing from the search, the expert team of YouTube divers do have expertise in using the type of sonar equipment that appears to have quickly spotted the car underwater — skills that most law enforcement claim they not have.

“There’s no school, really that exists, that teaches sonar,” Bishop told Fox 2 in May, saying his crew has had to learn as they go along.

“I’ve had a lot of agencies reach out to me for help,” he added of law enforcement lacking the same skills.

The group offers its services for free, funding missions through clicks on its YouTube channel, donations and merch sales.

That also allows its volunteers a freedom that cops do not enjoy, founder Jared Leisek told KCENTV earlier this year.

“We have zero red tape, and as long as it’s a public body of water or if it’s private and we get permission, we can get in anything we want on a moment’s notice,” he said.

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