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San Francisco’s “Soft On Crime” DA Faces Recall Today, Dems Change Course

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According to Fox News, San Francisco residents on Tuesday will vote to either keep or recall District Attorney Chesa Boudin, whose progressive policies have shocked even his early supporters, recall campaign spokesperson Richie Greenberg told Fox News Digital.

But not everyone’s disgusted with the “Soft On Crime” DA whose hard-core advocates continue to praise him for keeping true to his promises of eliminating cash bail, not prosecuting quality-of-life crimes, and putting fewer people behind bars after his own father, a former member of the extremist Weather Underground group, spent about 40 years in prison for second-degree murder and first-degree robbery charges before being granted parole last year.

Voting on the recall measure, Proposition H, will end Tuesday. It is one of eight measures on the ballot, which voters can submit in person or by mail.

As the streets of San Francisco continue to spiral out of control with poverty and homelessness on the rise, even city residents who originally supported Boudin, are extremely unhappy with the current state of drug use, violent crime, and burglaries in the city.

Critics have been quick to call out the DA’s claims that the recall is nothing more than a “partisan witch-hunt”. But San Franciscans of all political persuasions support it. They argue over whether the city has suffered due to his specific policies or plain incompetence. The answer is probably both.”

Chesa Boudin can spin it all he wants, but the fact of the matter is homicides and gun crimes rose in 2020 and 2021 compared to 2019. In 2021, fentanyl deaths surpassed COVID-19 deaths in San Francisco. In January, the San Francisco Police Department announced a 567% increase in hate crimes against Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) individuals from nine in 2020 to a staggering 60 in 2021. Homicides and gun crimes did however decline in 2022 year-over-year.

But even despite Boudin allowing drug dealers, criminals, and homelessness to run rampant throughout the streets of San Francisco, some supporters, including Reverand Jesse Jackson, still say the DA has been effective in his push for criminal justice reform and have claimed that the recall is a strictly Republican effort to oust San Francisco’s top prosecutor.

The recall effort needs at least 50% support from voters to move forward.

The San Francisco Department of Elections will certify the election results. If successful, Mayor London Breed will have to appoint a temporary replacement for Boudin until November 2022. At that point, San Franciscans will vote again in a special election for a new district attorney to finish Boudin’s term until the end of 2023.

If San Francisco recalls District Attorney Chesa Boudin, it will certainly give other far-left “soft on crime” politicians, including NY State Governor Kathy Hochul who’s been following a very similar liberal strategy as Boudin, something to think about as they get ready for their reelections in November.

Mounting frustrations with crime among voters across America is what might lead to a potential Red Wave, even in deep-blue states. Political analysts have already begun to indicate that Democrats are in the worst position they’ve been in 80 years.

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