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POLL: Black Americans Are Slowly Losing Interest In Joe Biden, Approval Ratings Drop

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There’s a reason Joe Biden dropped everything and flew straight to Buffalo, NY immediately after the Tops Supermarket Massacre that killed 10 people. A “racist gunman” shot up a predominately black area. We didn’t see that same level of enthusiasm in Waukesha when a black maw mowed down dozens of white elderly and children during a Christmas parade. The only difference between the two hate crimes was the media didn’t label the black man racist. Why not? Quite simply put, Biden wants nothing to do with upsetting the one demographic that actually still likes him.

Black voters’ support for President Biden remains the highest among most demographics, but it has weakened since he took office, according to a recent Washington Post-Ipsos poll.

The poll of about 1,250 Black Americans found that 70% approve of how Biden is handling his job, but only 23% “strongly approve.” The results clearly signal that Black voters’ are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress Biden and congressional Democrats have made on certain key issues as the midterm elections approach.

More than 60% of respondents said they were disappointed or angry about Democrats’ failure to pass voting rights legislation, but more than 80% said they blame Biden “not at all” or “a little,” according to the Post. 

Still, the number of respondents who said they think Biden is sympathetic to Black Americans’ problems dropped from 74% in 2020 to 66%. About 75% of those polled said Biden has done “a little” or “nothing” to reduce discrimination in the criminal justice system.

Only 62% said they would “absolutely” vote this year, compared to 85% in 2020. The decrease in the number of Black voters who said they would definitely vote was 23 points compared to a 12-point drop for white voters.

Among a potential list of candidates for the 2024 presidential election, 43% said they would prefer Biden to be the nominee. Harris followed with 29%.

The poll was conducted from April 21 to May 2 based on a random sample of 1,248 non-Hispanic Black adults and a partially overlapping sample of 977 adults. The margin of error is 3.5 percentage points.

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