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CRAZY KERRY: ‘Climate Change Kills 15 Million People Every Year’ He Claims While At WEF

I’ll never understand these “climate change people”. They fly their private jets into these swanky multi-million dollar events and then proclaim to be the disciples of clean energy. It’s nauseating, to say the least.

But what John Kerry said Tuesday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland is laughable…

“15 million people a year die because of the quality of the air around the world,” claimed Kerry. “This comes from fossil fuels.”

“We’re dealing with a crisis made by human beings,” he added.

Really John? If you actually meant this, you and your establishment buddies wouldn’t keep holding those meaningless gas-guzzling events in person. There’s no reason in 2022 that they can’t be doing this over a Zoom call.

But to suggest that “15 million people die per year because of the quality of the air around the world” is borderline ludicrous.

And where did Kerry get those stats? What countries is he specifically referring to? And what are those countries’ governments doing to solve their pollution crisis besides blowing smoke up our a$$es (no pun intended)?

Sophie Corcoran, a British Journalist, also highlighted the number of Jets that other World Economic Forum attendees flew in on while claiming they care about the climate.

So Kerry, and the rest of the Washington oligarchs, are going to have a to do a lot better than rock up in their private jets that most likely emit more carbon emissions on take-off than my Honda CRV will in 50 years, and come up with better and more accurate stats than off the cusp talking-points.

Nice try guys. Might want to take a rowboat next time if you REALLY care.

Matt Clark
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