Friday, November 26, 2021
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Matt Clark

Founder and Senior Editor at, I'm on a mission to level the playing field one Citizen Journalist at a time. Time to take back America and de-brainwash the media with REAL NEWS that the MSM fails to deliver.

New Poll: Majority Of Voters Blame Biden And Congress For Supply Chain Issues

The majority of registered voters blame President Biden and Congress for the current global supply chain and shipping issues

Crew Member To File Lawsuit Against Baldwin Because ‘He Did Not Check the Gun Himself’

The script supervisor for the film ‘Rust’, which involved the fatal accidental shooting of Director Halyna Hutchins, has filed a lawsuit against Alec Baldwin.

Kyle Rittenhouse Visits Donald Trump In Mar-a-Lago After Trial With Mom Wendy Rittenhouse

Donald Trump said Tuesday that Kyle Rittenhouse visited him in Mar-a-Lago after the 18-year-old was found not guilty

Congresswoman Kat Cammack SLAMS Biden For The Disastrous Oil Situation He’s Gotten Us In!

Congresswoman Kat Cammack sets the record straight on Biden's disastrous handling of the recent oil crisis.

Biden Administration To Release 50 Million Barrels Of Oil From Strategic Reserve To Bring Down Costs

As gas prices continue to soar, Biden finds himself rushing to order 50 million barrels from strategic reserves to get us out of the mess he got us in.

Daughter Of Malcolm X, Malikah Shabazz, Found Dead In NYC Days After Father’s Assasins Released

The daughter of civil rights icon Malcolm X was found dead at her home in Brooklyn Monday, according to multiple reports.

Rittenhouse Could Have Defamation Case Against Biden Over White Supremacist Tweet

During an appearance on Fox News' "America Reports," Leo Terrell, a civil rights lawyer, said Biden had no facts to justify his remarks. 

HORRIFIC: Christmas Parade Attack In Wisconsin, SUV Plows Through Several Participants

A driver plowed an SUV into participants in the middle of the Waukesha Christmas Parade Sunday evening. There are multiple people injured

ANTIFA Rocks Portland, Violence Erupts Following Rittenhouse Verdict, Portland Police Under Attack

Protests in Portland, Oregon have turned violent as ANTIFA showed up to destroy the justice building and attack the Portland Police Department

House Passes President Biden’s $1.75 Trillion “Build Back Better Social Spending Budget Bill

In a vote held Friday morning, the House of Representatives passed President Biden's $1.75 trillion "Build Back Better" 220 to 213.

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