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Dr. Oz Leads McCormick By .1% As Mail-In Ballots Get Counted, 16,609 Estimated Votes Remain

According to NBCNews.com, Dr. Mehmet Oz now leads Dave McCormick in the Pennsylvania State Senate Primary by .1%. In just the last 24 hours, Oz has pulled ahead of McCormick for the first time since the polls opened Tuesday morning.

With only 16,609 votes remaining, an automatic recount is imminent. In the state of Pennslyvania, an automatic recount is triggered if either candidate leads the other at the end of the race by less than a .5% margin.

A printing error in Lancaster County has slowed things down considerably forcing tens of thousands of mail-in ballots to be counted manually which could take days to get through and is the reason a winner has not been announced yet.

Based on the Department of State’s real-time tallies, the total mail-in vote count in the Senate primary had grown by almost 21,000 through the day Wednesday. That means there may be as few as 12,000 more Republican mail-ins to be processed. And that meant that one of McCormick’s paths to victory – he has been leading the field in the mail-in count – was narrowing.

By the end of the day, Oz’s vote share in the full seven-candidate field had dropped to 31.2 percent. McCormick was stuck at 31.1 percent.

Oz and his campaign were still reluctant to declare victory Wednesday and did not respond to requests for comment from PennLive.

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