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WATCH: Ricky Gervais Unloads On Transgender Movement In New Netflix Episode

I’ve always loved Ricky Gervais and his “I don’t give a f*** attitude.” When the Hollywood elites bowed to each other and blew smoke up their own behinds, Ricky blasted them in an unforgettable roast during the 2020 Golden Globes. It was absolutely epic to watch.

I’ve been waiting for Gervais to weigh in on the transgender insanity that plagues America, and right on queue Ricky finally turned up to call out the madness revolving around the recent Transgender movement.

But unlike Dave Chappelle, who made a single joke about the LGBTQ+ community, Gervais dedicated an entire Netflix show around it.

Originally reported by the DailyWire.com, the British comic mocks the transgender movement in his new Netflix special, “Ricky Gervais: SuperNature,” and in his typical style, he pulls no punches. If Dave Chappelle could trigger the woke leftists with an innocuous joke about his attacker having a gun “that identified as a knife,” they will be apoplectic with Gervais, Greg Wilson reported.


Gervais is just one of many A-list comedians who in recent days have taken on the trans movement, although no one has gone as far as Gervais yet. On his HBO show “Real Time” last Friday, Maher questioned how the “gender fluidity” movement has exploded so quickly, and how it could be affecting children.

Citing a recent Gallup poll, Maher noted that less than 1% of Americans born before 1946 identified as LGBT. Now, according to the poll, 2.6% of Baby Boomers consider themselves LGBT; 4.2% of Gen Xers do; 10.5% of Millennials do, and 20.8% of Gen Zers do.

“Which means if we follow this trajectory, we will all be gay in 2054,” Maher said. “When things change this much, this fast, people are allowed to ask, ‘What’s up with that?’ All the babies are in the wrong bodies?”

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