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Illegal Immigrants Protest Outside NYC Hotel, Aren’t Happy With New Relocation Package

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Protests erupted in NYC on Tuesday after a group of illegal immigrants returned to a Manhatten hotel they were originally asked to leave.

The migrants, who entered into the U.S. through the southern border, originally refused to leave their free NYC hotel rooms for a migrant shelter in Brooklyn, New York.

They were initially placed at the Watson Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, but their schedule for relocation to a new migrant relief center, the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, caused uproar late Sunday night.

While some migrants left for the new shelter, many refused to vacate the Hell’s Kitchen hotel and rallied outside the building alongside migrant activists. The migrants who were non-compliant with the city’s relocation spent the night outside the hotel and were seen holding their ground into Monday morning.

Those who left have since returned to the Watson Hotel because they were unhappy with the conditions the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal had to offer, according to Dean Moses, Editor at the New Yorker. Moses reported that the migrants returned from the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal to the Watson Hotel because “they did not like what they saw”.

NYC Immigrant Affairs was quick to respond to Moses’s reporting suggesting that “these are not the individuals that joined us for the tour of the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. Asylum seekers tell us they are still in discussions on next steps.”

Moses, however, immediately clarified that “these individuals [protestors] are reacting to the information those who visited Brooklyn are relaying”. Moses confirmed via Twitter that he was present when the group of protestors left and returned.

The Watson Hotel’s website posted an update on its home page that the hotel “has suspended operations until further notice”. Patriot One News has not confirmed whether or not the announcement pertains to the protests.

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