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Manchin’s Real Plan: End Trump Tax Cuts. We Knew It Was Too Good To Be True

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It was only just a few days ago when Sen. Joe Manchin stopped Biden’s Build Back Better Act dead in its tracks and single-handedly killed any chance of the $1.75 trillion Bill passing through the Senate. But we learned from Newsmax on Monday that he may be interested in doing a deal after all – a deal that would put an end to Trump’s tax cuts.

Manchin may have just pulled a 180 by offering Democrats hope that he still could support President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better legislation, Politico reported.

The West Virginia Democrat has been cheered on by Republicans for sticking to his principles of not adding to the deficit and not increasing spending amid rising inflation.

However, Politico reported Monday that Manchin wants the legislation to go through Senate committees and focus on rolling back the 2017 tax cuts signed by former President Donald Trump.

Manchin said that the only reason during the summer he voted for a $3.5 trillion budget resolution, that allowed Democrats to continue negotiating the spending bill, was because he was so eager to “to fix the taxes so that everybody paid their fair share,” Manchin told MetroNews “Talkline.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, recently discussed the Trump tax cuts during an interview on CNBC. He addressed Democrat accusations that the tax cuts under Trump weren’t paid for and that Republicans are too tax-friendly toward wealthy Americans.

“Well, sure, one’s good for the economy, one’s terrible for the economy,” Cruz told “Squawk Box.”

“When we cut taxes in 2017, the next year federal tax revenue went up, and the next year federal tax revenue went up, and it went up every year after that,” Cruz said. “So, it generated more revenue because of growth and economic productivity and more jobs.”

Manchin has not guaranteed to support the Build Back Better bill even with potential changes, but rhetoric of working towards a Trump tax cut leads us to believe he may still be interested in getting a deal done.

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