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14 California Children Are Now Sick After Clinic Administers Wrong COVID Vaccine Doses

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At least two California children were left sick after a clinic administered the wrong dose of the coronavirus vaccine to 14 kids.

“I’m here tonight to report my story because it’s unacceptable; you expect your medical professionals to give you correct doses,” parent Denise Iserloth told ABC7.

Iserloth said she took her two children, ages eight and 11, to Sutter Health pediatric vaccine clinic in Antioch over the weekend, where they received 20 micrograms of dosage instead of the recommended 10.

All in, 14 children who visited the clinic on Saturday were given the wrong dose.

Sutter Health said in a statement that it warned the parents of the mistake, explaining, “As soon as we learned of this, we contacted the parents and advised them of CDC guidance in this situation.”

But Iserloth said she wasn’t made aware of the error until 10 hours after the shots were administered. Both of her children stayed home from school on Monday with bad stomach aches, and her oldest child fell down twice in the hours following the shot.

“I understand the mandate, I tried to comply with it, and my children now have been given a double dose and I don’t know the long-term side effects,” Iserloth said.

According to Fox News, The incident in California comes as nearly 100 children in Maryland were also given the wrong doses of the vaccine. The children received shots that were diluted more than recommended at a clinic in the South Lake Elementary School in Montgomery Village last Wednesday.

Just last week in Virginia, over 100 children were given an adult dose of the vaccine, three times the recommended dosage that has been approved by the FDA for children.

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