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14-Year-Old Schools Loudoun County BOE After Board Tried Covering Up Sexual Assault Crime

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“8040 [transgender protection policy] and many policies that are being proposed are not to make people more comfortable or to accept others but instead to change the way my peers and I think, so that we will become the next generation of social justice warriors. I am 14 years old, the fact that I have to be here defending my rights to not have your radical agenda shoved down my throat in school is not only concerning, it’s upsetting. My peers and I are not tools to further your political agenda.” – Katie Young

A 14-year-old student, Katie Young, in the Loudoun county Virginia school district addressed the school board shortly after the school board covered up two separate sexual assaults committed by the same “gender fluid” student on school property.

The courts forced the reinstatement of a teacher fired for refusing to use students preferred pronouns. Parents and teachers are engaged in law suits against the BOE over curriculum and endangering students through their handling, or lack there of, of assault cases. Loudoun county, Virginia, and even Virginia itself, has become a microcosm of the ideological and cultural turmoil engulfing the entire country.

A letter from the National School Board Association to the Biden Regime requesting the Patriot Act be used to prosecute parents for “domestic terrorism” which resulted in the AG Garland engaging the DOJ and FBI. Even though the AG denied any anti-terrorist approach, a whistle blower revealed a memo proving the contrary.

Due to exposure and public outrage over the sexual assaults and cover ups while protecting the BOE’s 8040 policy and it’s alignment with CRT, the Loudoun county school district Superintendent Scott Ziegler has announced the district has hired Blankingship & Keith, PC to conduct a review of the recent sexual misconduct. The recent election results across the country seems to reveal a similar exposure and outrage that is likely to carry into the 2022 elections.

So how did we become so divided and with such different understandings of terms like gender dysphoria, transgender, gender fluid, racism and what society’s response should be? Here’s some facts.

Gender and sex were commonly thought to be aligned, even one and the same and determined by chromosomes. Much of the population, primarily conservative, still holds this view as reality. However, medically speaking, a major change in thinking and definition became the official position of the American Psychiatric Association in 2012.

“December 3, 2012, On Saturday, the APA’s board of trustees approved changes to the latest version of The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) that will remove the term “Gender Identity Disorder” (GID) which has historically been used by mental health professionals to diagnose transgender individuals. Simultaneously, the term “Gender Dysphoria” will be used to describe emotional distress over “a marked incongruence between one’s experienced/expressed gender and assigned gender.” The APA Removes “Gender Identity Disorder” From Updated Mental Health Guide | GLAAD

According to APA’s “Resolution On Gender Identity Change Efforts of February 2021”,

“Transgender is “an umbrella term used to describe the full range of people whose gender identity and/or gender role do not conform to what is typically associated with their sex assigned at birth” (APA, 2015, p. 863). For the purpose of this resolution, we are using a broad definition of transgender to include transgender women/girls, transgender men/boys, nonbinary individuals (i.e., people who may identify as a gender other than a woman/girl or a man/boy), and any individual who articulates a gender identity different from societal expectations based on their sex assigned at birth.”

Apparently the APA now considers ones sex to be “assigned”. It drills the point home mentioning it several times throughout the document, yet fails to explain what is meant to be “assigned” a sex. It continues:

“Diversity in gender identity and expression is part of the human experience and transgender and gender nonbinary identities and expressions are healthy, incongruence between one’s sex and gender is neither pathological nor a mental health disorder.”

“GICE (gender identity change efforts) cause harm by reinforcing anti-transgender and anti-gender nonbinary stigma and discrimination (Turban et al., 2020); and by creating social pressure on an individual to conform to an identity and/or presentation that may not be consistent with their sense of self.”…” individuals who have experienced pressure or coercion to conform to their sex assigned at birth or therapy that was biased toward conformity to one’s assigned sex at birth have reported harm resulting from these experience such as emotional distress, loss of relationships, and low self-worth” …”GICE can cause undue stress and suffering and interfere with healthy sexual and gender identity development.” …”the APA opposes the dissemination of inaccurate information about gender identity, gender expression, and the efficacy of GICE, including the claim that gender identity can be changed through treatment, the characterization of transgender or gender nonbinary identity as a mental disorder and the promotion of treatments that prescribe gender identity or expression consistent with one’s birth-assigned sex as effective for clients with gender dysphoria.”…”the APA, because of evidence of harm and lack of evidence of efficacy, supports public policies and legislation that prohibit, or aim to reduce GICE, cissexism, and anti-transgender and anti-gender nonbinary bias and that increase support for gender diversity.” …”invalidation and rejection of transgender and gender nonbinary identities and diverse gender expressions by others (e.g., families, therapists, school personnel) are forms of discrimination, stigma, and victimization, which result in psychological distress.”

To summarize what the APA seems to be saying: “gender identification dysphoria” is no longer recognized because ones’ gender is not identified by sex, can be male, female or anything it wants to be apart from male or female. The cause of “gender” development is not known, is as a matter of choice and any attempts to “correct” gender by aligning it with the sex is damaging and efforted through ignorance. Failure by elements of society to validate ones’ chosen (self recognized) gender is discrimination. It seems to be laying all of the responsibility for those with “gender dysphoria” at the feet of society.

The term “gender discrimination” used by the APA has paved the way for the legal actions and attempted actions giving “civil rights” protection to all those who’s “gender” perception does not align with their sex “Failure by elements of society to validate ones’ chosen gender is discrimination” has already been the basis for attempts to force compliance with this thinking through termination.

Since according to APA, “Man/boy”, “woman/girl” or “other” is no longer determined by sex, but by preferred gender, legislation like the federal Equity Act and proposed laws in many states have arisen. According to the transgender community’s perspective, “It (the Equity Act) will also prohibit discrimination against women and girls in public accommodations for the first time in federal law.” https://transequality.org/blog/the-equality-act-what-transgender-people-need-to-know

Of course the “women” and “girls” referred to are transgender.

The revolutionary author of Rules For Radicals, Saul Alinsky wrote, “He who controls the language controls the masses.” However, as we’re witnessing in Virginia and across the country, society I not willing to submit itself to progressive psychologists’ perspectives of what they cannot prove to be true.

This we do know: male and female sports are divided according to biological physiology provided according to sex. It’s a principle based on the physical, not psychological. A woman in sports taking drugs such as testosterone, as a muscle enhancer would be disqualified for disrespecting that boundary based in a concept of fairness, equality and equity. Giving biological males that same advantage over female athletes is just as unfair, unequal and inequitable.

“Critical Race Theory” and it’s obsession with promoting racism is another bone of contention. Again we see a re-framing of language.

The one person who accomplished more than anyone in this country to expose and defeat racism in this country was Dr Martin Luther King. His message was simple: in a land where decisions were far too often race based, race should have no significance. Racism is simply giving race significance. Anti-racism is removal of that significance. As much progress as the country has made in removing racial significance, from a conservative perspective, CRT teaches and promotes racial significance, even assigning guilt and responsibility according to racial birth. It ignores the fact that racism isn’t a matter of birth, but must be learned as a matter of culture.

The opposing perspective recognizes racism is still a factor in this country, but attempts to correct the issue with more racism. The governor of Virginia, who was just defeated in his re-election bid, made the comment, “50% of the students at Va. schools K-12, 50% are students of color & yet 80 percent of teachers are white. We all know what we have to do in a school to make everybody feel comfortable in school. So, let’s diversify.”

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