Saturday, January 22, 2022
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University Of Chicago Students Slam ‘Unethical’ Booster Mandate: ‘We Are Not Lab Rats’

University Of Chicago are and are speaking out against their school’s recent decision to mandate COVID-19 boosters for students

Shannon Joy On Megyn Kelly – I Was Arrested For Not Wearing A Mask During A School Board Meeting

Shannon tells Megyn why she was arrested during a school board meeting and how she plans on fighting back against their draconian policies

Governor Kristi Noem Wants To Ban Critical Race Theory, Proposes Legislation

Noem just proposed legislation that aims to eliminate Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the state’s public school system.

The Deliberate Decline Of The American Educational System, And Why CRT Is The Nail In The Coffin

Advocates of the Critical Race Theory "anti-racism" movement have embraced the pure proletariat notions of economic and racial equality.

The Justice Department Continues To Treat Parents As “Domestic Terrorists.”

Despite an apology from the National School Board Association, the justice department continues to treat parents like domestic terrorists

14-Year-Old Schools Loudoun County BOE After Board Tried Covering Up Sexual Assault Crime

14-year-old, Katie Young, addressed the Loudoun County school board after the school board covered up two separate sexual assaults

Loudoun County Teacher Wins Lawsuit Against School, Refuses To Call Students By Prefered Pronouns

Tanner Cross was suspended in May for speaking out against 8040 at a school board meeting and refusing to comply with a policy that went against his religion.

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