Saturday, November 27, 2021
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CDC Study That Claims Covid Spreads “3.5x More In Unmasked Schools” May Be Misleading

CDC study that claims unmasked schools spread Covid 3.5x more does not utilize comparable samples for making fair analytical comparisons

14 California Children Are Now Sick After Clinic Administers Wrong COVID Vaccine Doses

At least two California children were left sick after a clinic administered the wrong dose of the coronavirus vaccine to 14 kids.

WRONG DOSE! More Than 100 Virginia Children Were Given Doses of Adult COVID Vaccine

An estimated 112 children in Loudoun County, Virginia received partial doses of the adult coronavirus vaccine last week

Pfizer Pulled A Bait And Switch On Their Covid-19 Pediatric Vaccine 3 Days After FDA Approval

Just 3 days after the FDA approved Pfizer's Pediatric Covid-19 vaccine, there was a manufacturing change to the formulation that parents may not be aware of

State Farm Backs Their Boy: Breaks With Woke Narrative And “Respects Everyone’s Right To Choice”

State Farms breaks from woke narrative and backs their boy Aaron Rodgers despite criticism from the media and other high-profile sports figures

Kansas Democrat Gov. Laura Kelly Comes Out Against Biden’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly, a Democrat, came out on Friday against President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for businesses

Opinion: Officials Refuse To Discuss Covid-19 Natural Immunity Despite Evidence Of Durability

With studies piling up that show the efficacy and durability of Covid natural immunity, it is unconscionable that officials are still ignoring it.

Class-Action Lawsuit Hearing For Covid-19 Military Religious Exemption Set To Go Before Judge

A preliminary injunction hearing has been scheduled for November 15 in Liberty Counsel's  class action lawsuit against the government and military. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of military members, government workers, and government contractors, and the hearing will be held in the Middle District Court of Florida.

CNN: People Vaccinated Against Covid-19 Less Likely To Die From Any Cause, Study Finds

Apparently, the Covid-19 vaccine is so effective that it practically stops you from dying altogether, at least that's what CNN is claiming.

46,000 NYC Employees Have Refused DeBlasio’s Vaccine Mandate, Will First Responders Join Them?

De Blasio has mandated the vaccine for all NYC public workers — and  those who get their first shot by the Oct. 29 deadline...

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