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5 Lies Texas Officials Told About Uvalde, Texas Shooting That Should Get Them Fired

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It’s been over a week now since the tragic Uvalde, Texas mass school shooting that killed 19 children and 2 adults, and Texas officials are still struggling to get their story straight. We’re still not sure what really happened, and as federal agencies continue to throw each other under the bus, I’m not quite sure we ever will.

Officials have changed their stories a dozen times, and even Governor Greg Abbott himself has been lied to. Abbott said he felt “misled” and “livid” after hearing that a poor police response significantly contributed to the delay in action against the shooter, and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick echoed that “No one mentioned the fact that there was this 45-minute to an hour hold by the chief of the police of the school district while there were still shots being fired.”

Not only is the community devastated by the loss of 21 innocent students and teachers, but they have severely lost trust in the very people they pay to protect their schools.

According to an article written by Jordan Boyd from The Federalist, here are 5 lies Texas officials told about the Uvalde, Texas shooting that should get them fired:

1. A School Resource Officer ‘Engaged’ the Suspect

Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Director Steve McCraw originally said a school resource officer “engaged” the suspect before he entered the school.

At one point, McCraw switched tracks and said the officer “was not on campus” at the time of the shooting.

Elsewhere, officials were reported saying the school officer simply “confronted” the shooter instead of actively engaging him.

Texas DPS was forced to walk back both accounts a couple of days later when word got out that the school resource officer completely failed to notice the shooter when he drove past the suspect who was “hunkered down” behind a vehicle.

2. The Door the Shooter Entered Through Was Left Propped Open by a Teacher

Original reports from the shooting scene at Robb Elementary suggested that a teacher left a back door at the school propped open with a rock which is how the shooter entered the building.

McCraw volunteered the information during his Friday press conference and claimed that DPS obtained video evidence to support this theory.

“We know from video evidence, at 11:27 the exterior door suspected for what the — where we knew the shooter entered, Ramos — was propped open by a teacher,” he said.

Recent statements from Texas state police, however, suggest that the teacher accused of neglecting the back door went back to close it after seeing Ramos. The door, however, did not automatically lock properly. The unnamed teacher’s lawyer also denies that his client left the back door open.

In a complete contradiction of DPS’s original claim, some outlets are even reporting that “security footage obtained from the area has backed up the claim that the teacher closed the door at this time.”

3. The Gunman Was Wearing Body Armor

DPS spokesman Sgt. Erick Estrada claimed shortly after the shooting that the suspect carried “a rifle and [had] body armor on.”

Another DPS spokesman, Lt. Christopher Olivarez, later claimed that the gunman was wearing a vest designed to carry extra ammo but did not have any plates on him.

4. Officers Quickly Engaged The Shooter

McCraw originally said that the first law enforcement officers who arrived at the school “did engage” the shooter “immediately.”

“The bottom line is law enforcement was there,” McCraw said the day after the shooting. “They did engage immediately. They did contain [the gunman] in the classroom.”

Uvalde Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez also claimed that his officers “responded within minutes.”

It wasn’t until three days after the tragedy that McCraw admitted local law enforcement shied away from helping students and staff after taking fire from the suspect. McCraw claimed that officers misclassified the suspect as a barricaded shooter and that “there were no kids at risk.” Officers reportedly stood outside of the school and then outside of the classroom for nearly an hour while waiting for a Border Patrol tactical team to show up at the scene where students were repeatedly calling 911 for help.

By the time BORTAC arrived and used a janitor key to enter the afflicted fourth-grade classroom, the shooter had been on school property for more than an hour.

5. Officers Weren’t Well Enough Equipped

Oliverez claimed that local law enforcement officers retreated because “they could’ve been shot” and wanted to wait for specialized backup. Records, however, show that Chief Pete Arredondo of Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District, who ordered officers to stay outside of the classroom where the gunman was, was trained to respond in active shooter situations.

Records show Arredondo recently completed eight hours of active shooter training in December of 2021. He also went through eight hours of the same training in 2020 and 16 hours of “Terrorism Response Tactics – Active Shooter” in 2019.

Jordan Boyd is a staff writer at The Federalist and co-producer of The Federalist Radio Hour. Her work has also been featured in The Daily Wire and Fox News. Jordan graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism. Follow her on Twitter @jordanboydtx.

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