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Adam Kinzinger Wants America At War With Russia, Proposes Resolution To Send Troops To Ukraine

According to DailyWire.com, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) introduced a resolution on Sunday to use American armed forces in Ukraine if Russia fights with “chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons.”

The lawmaker’s proposed “Authorization for Use of Military Force [AUMF] to Defend America’s Allies Resolution of 2022” would grant President Joe Biden “authority and means to take the necessary actions” to counter Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to a statement from Kinzinger’s office.

Kinzinger called his AUMF — the same mechanism by which President George W. Bush was able to use the American military against those responsible for 9/11 — a “clear redline” in the Ukraine conflict.

He went on to argue, “After World War II, America made our position clear — our commitment to freedom put autocrats on the defense and strengthened democracies around the world. In the last decade, we have seen this determination waver and tyrants, like Vladimir Putin, have exploited those vulnerabilities. Today, America has an opportunity to re-affirm our support to freedom-seeking people and firmly stand up to authoritarianism.”

The problem with his argument however is America is not at war, and we’re certainly not dealing with a World War here. This is Ukraine’s war with Russia that America has absolutely nothing to do with, and according to an Axios poll, 72% oppose the U.S. taking direct military action on Russia, which President Biden has said is off the table because it could lead to a “Third World War.”

So why is Adam Kinzinger pushing the issue? America is not being threatened and we are in no danger whatsoever. His argument for wanting to send troops in is based 100% on a theory that Putin won’t stop if he takes Ukraine, however, Putin has given no indication of invading any other country. Not to mention, if Kinzinger knows that the majority of Americans want nothing to do with boots on the ground, then why is he trying so hard to war bait us into supporting Zelensky by sending in our own troops?

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