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Battleground States ‘Saturated With Lawyers, Watching The Results Very Carefully’

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There is no doubt the Democrats will attempt to interfere with the midterm elections. They did it in 2020 and they’re already up to the old tricks again ahead of Tuesday’s vote.

I’m not the only skeptical voter ahead of what is undeniably the most important election cycle in our lifetime. Lawyers, Political heads, and journalists are all sleeping with one eye open as voting is underway across the country – and that includes Tucker Carlson himself, who also claims Democrats will attempt to interfere with Tuesday’s midterm elections to try to maintain control of Congress and other key offices.

On Monday, just one day ahead of the 2020 midterm elections, Carlson interviewed Harmeet Dhillon of the Republican National Lawyers Association. She is also representing former President Donald Trump in his effort to combat a subpoena from the House Jan. 6 committee.

“You know that they are going to be efforts to tamper with the results or to, at the very least, fight over the results,” the Fox News host said. “How are Republicans and the states going to respond?”

Dhillon stated Republicans are ready to take the election to the courts.

“I’m happy to report that Republicans are better poised than at any time in my lifetime to watch what’s happening tomorrow and to take legal action quickly,” she responded. “In fact, we’ve already been doing that for the last couple of years ”

Dhillon explained to Tucker that the Republican National Committee sent 38 senior election lawyers to 19 states, with even more being organized.

“So every battleground state is saturated with lawyers,” Dhillon continued. “I’m here in Arizona and you can’t swing a cat without hitting a lawyer. And we are here to make sure that everything is run according to the law, not according to what Democrats make up at the last minute.”


According to Mediaite, Dhillon also pointed to a report that the Department of Justice is sending election monitors to 24 states to ensure compliance with federal election laws.

“But the Republican National Committee has engaged in almost 80 lawsuits in this cycle,” she continued. “I’ve filed many of these lawsuits in multiple states.”

Dhillon said despite alleged efforts from Democrats to rig elections, she’s feeling “confident.”

“I’m very confident and voters should be very confident when they go to polls tomorrow that there are lawyers watching the results very carefully, and prepared to run into court all over the country if necessary and not let Democrats get away with the efforts to misinform the public and interfere with the results of the election,” she concluded.

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