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Biden BLASTED Over Vile Claim That Roe Is In Line With ‘Basic Mainstream Religions’

Joe Biden has said a lot of inappropriate and asinine things since becoming America’s Divider In Chief, but a recent comment claiming that Roe is in line with “basic mainstream religions” as he continues to defend abortion is probably the most disgusting comment he has ever made.

As a devout Catholic, one should never support the murder of innocent babies let alone claim it’s a normal practice which is exactly what Joe Biden did during a recent interview.

On Tuesday, President Biden weighed in on the news of the leaked SCOTUS opinion draft which signaled the court’s intention to dismantle Roe v. Wade.

Biden, whom the mainstream media have defended as a “devout Catholic” even though the Catholic faith explicitly forbids abortion, made a religious argument in defense of abortion to the press.

“Roe says what all basic mainstream religions have historically concluded, that the existence of a human life and being is a question. Is it at the moment of conception? Is it six months? Is it six weeks? Is it quickening, like Aquinas argued?” Biden asked.

Conservatives on Twitter showed no patience for President Joe Biden’s latest statements defending abortion.

The Federalist co-founder Ben Domenech tweeted that Biden’s statement was “As senile and incoherent as it is vile.”

Christian youth pastor Nathan Chester tweeted a verse from Scripture to counter Biden’s claims. “Luke 1:41 ‘When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.’ The President should probably brush up on the ‘faith’ he claims to have,” he wrote.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh weighed in as well, “Every defense of abortion is incoherent, but this one somehow manages to stand out.”

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