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Biden Breaks Another World Record, Highest Daily Covid Cases Ever In A Single Day

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Way to go Joe! You broke another world record this week, the highest daily covid cases ever in a single day. Biden seems to be breaking a lot of records in his first year. It’s just too bad that none are positive. Between the monumental failure in how he handled the Afghanistan withdrawal in September and the raging Southern border crisis that neither he nor Vice President Kamala Harris seems to be able to get a grip on, the mounting list of Biden failures continues to grow.

But the number of Covid cases in a single day, well that’s gonna be Joe’s claim to fame in 2021. The United States smashed the world record for the number of new COVID infections this week, reporting more than 430,000 infections on two consecutive days.

“Over the last month, the U.S. daily case average has tripled, and the nation has reported more than 1.9 million new cases in the last week alone — an average of about three Americans testing positive for COVID-19 every second,” reports ABC News.

The real proud moment for Biden, however, was on December 27th, when the CDC confirmed more than 500,000 new cases on that one single day alone.

Joe Biden ran on the campaign promise of “stopping the virus”, and slammed Trump for his handling of the Pandemic in 2020. Just this week Biden finally admitted failure when he said “there is no federal solution”.

As Omicron continues to rage on through the United States, and millions of Americans enter full-blown panic mode, South Africa, the origin of Omicron, has made it very clear that they are not concerned about the variant and that Omicron is “causing relatively few deaths and hospitalizations”, authorities say.

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