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BIDEN’S AMERICA: Man Points Gun In The Face Of Chicago News Crew Covering Gang Violence

It’s no surprise that crime has run rampant in Democrat-controlled cities since Joe Biden took office, and Chicago is no exception to the rule.

These criminals are absolutely out of control and have zero respect for authority or fellow residents for the simple reason that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and other Democrat mayors have gone soft on them with their ”less is more” stance.

Just this week an unidentified man in Chicago was accused of “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon” after he pointed what appeared to be a pistol at a news crew covering gun violence in the Windy City. Right in broad daylight, the man can be seen taking out his gun and aiming it straight at the cameraman.

This is how little fear these criminals have of the law.

Watch the shocking moment a man pulled a gun on a Chicago news crew:

“Around 7 o’clock this morning, while our reporter was in the middle of a live report about gun violence in Chicago, a man walked up and pointed a firearm at our crew,” said the anchor.

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