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Biden’s Approval Ratings Are Even Worse Than They Appear

Biden’s overall job approval ratings are even worse than what the Democrats originally thought, and if they’re starting to get worried, they should be. Only 45.1 percent of Americans approve of his performance per Monday’s RealClearPolitics average; 47.9 percent disapprove. That alone makes Biden less popular at this stage of his presidency than any president in the past 40 years except for Donald Trump who only reached an all-time low of 35% post-January 6th. To put this into perspective and highlight just how awful Biden is for the country, he is only 10 points away from Trump on Biden’s best day, and that’s without factoring in a fake insurrection that manipulated America.

Among independents, however, Biden is about as unpopular as Trump was at this stage in his presidency. An average of only 39 percent of independents approved of Biden’s performance in the three polls taken between Sept. 18 and 26 that made data available for those voters; 52 percent disapproved. Trump’s comparable numbers among independents in three polls taken between Sept. 22 and 27, 2017, were 38 percent approval and 50 percent disapproval. That means Biden’s minus-13 net job approval among independents is statistically identical to Trump’s minus-12.
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